Nutritional Goals//Food Sensitivity Update//Research//Holiday Hustle//My Helper//

Sometimes we can become so stuck on our nutrition that we tend to eat the same foods over and over and then that turns into over eating on things that aren’t the healthiest for us because we go for so long without having the foods we like or we just get sick of having the same foods and get stuck in a rut. At least that has happened to me in the past.

My goal through this whole process of living a healthy lifestyle has been to change it up always and not get stuck in a rut of eating the same thing over and over. I used to eat the same thing all through the weeks everyday and then I would find myself eating the foods I loved on the weekend but way too much of them! And on Sunday-Monday I would feel sluggish and bloated. Now, I focus more on what I feel like eating, mostly healthy of course but making sure I only eat until I feel satiety vs eating until I’m way too full! And if I feel like something sweet or a little extra…I have a piece or a serving of it and I feel much better than if I try and not have it. I’ve really enjoyed reading the Plant Paradox book because it really opens your eyes to the types of foods that are best and making sure you’re eating the proper fruits/veggies for the time of year.

Making the changes on my food sensitivity test has made a difference. Just being more aware. Especially with egg ingredients. Dressings I was having had eggs, I was having a lot of things with garlic and coconut ingredients and not even realizing it. I’ve had pizza and various other things but I’ve been so much BETTER! We made Christmas cookies with applesauce as the substitute for egg and that worked well!

Also, another huge thing that has helped this week is getting meals from MQT Nutrition. Seriously, I’m the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season it can be so hard to eat healthy. If you live in Marquette, check out their meal prep options or go in and grab a meal!

I still am fasting daily because I love it. I still am fasting until 1-2 in the afternoon, eating between then and 7pm. It really allows me to focus more on my tasks for the day and then have a meal, a snack and then one final meal. Fasting doesn’t work for everyone but it’s worth trying to see if it’s something that works for you! I’d be happy to guide you along if you’d like some help. Not only does fasting have benefits for timing but many health benefits as well!

I’ve been doing so much research and reading on fasting, food sensitivities and overall health/food options and it really can be overwhelming for us but I’m writing in a food journal and a daily journal so I follow through daily and it really makes a big difference when you put things down on paper. It keeps me more accountable to learn but also to know what I’m putting in my body.

The hustle of the holidays is here and I can’t believe we’re so close to Christmas. It can get so hectic but be sure to enjoy moments and time with your loved ones as that’s the reason for the season! I’ve done a good job getting the gifts the girls have really wanted and not just buying things to buy them. It’s been nice to be able to shop with Tucker when they are at school as he can’t tell them what we’re buying YET! He’s a pretty good shopping partner if you give him snacks but he does get a little crazy and stands up in the cart so I have to push the cart from the end so he’s safe! He tries to help wrap gifts but that doesn’t always end well! 🤣 I hope you all are enjoying the Holiday Season!

Here is a picture of him with me at Target helping 😉

Have a great weekend and as always, thanks for reading along!

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