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Make your days purposeful. After going through instagram stories one day after the New Year. Someone posted a question box and asked, “what is your word for 2023?” I immediately became fixated on what my word would be. And after a while, it came to me. Purposeful. Purposeful meaning how I spend my time needs to be purposeful. My window of days when I only have 15, 20-30 minutes to do a workout, I still need to do it because it’s much better for me than just scrolling on social media. Social media is a whole other avenue where I think we need to be mindful of how much time we’re spending but I’ll save that post for another day. 🤪😉

As 2022 came to a close I think it’s important to always reflect and always look at ways you can do better in all aspects of life. But for me and those around me that I get to help or guide, I am using the word purposeful to make the best of 2023 and so can you! Our biggest issue sometimes is us getting in our own way. Take the time to create a realistic plan to meet your goals and stick to that plan and your results will follow. There’s never a one size fits all approach and your results depend on you finding a plan that will work best for you!

As the weekend comes to a close and we head into the end of February, have you succeeded at any of your goals you set this year? Have you challenged yourself to make a change? Reflection. Today is a new day, if you answered no to either question, that’s okay, today is a NEW day! Challenge creates change, let’s do it THIS week! Small changes, big changes and everything in between, take control of your wellness and your purpose!

As always, thanks for following along! Get in touch with me if you’re interested in any of our many individualized plans!

Make it a GREAT Sunday! I just finished a hill run on the treadmill. What will you do today?! 💪🏼


Hello Again//Fall Goals//Recipe//Protein Goals//

It has been a WHILE! It’s hard to believe Fall is already approaching and we begin a new school year with a new routine.

Both boys are doing so well. Tanner has adjusted to home life so well and we couldn’t be happier as to how well he is doing.

Mallorie is headed to third grade, Makenzie to kindergarten and Tucker is starting preschool.

We definitely have been enjoying the Summer and have had plenty of fun in the sun and family time with being home not having to travel to Ann Arbor every week has definitely made us appreciate our time together. Life is good!

As we get into a new Fall routine, I always like to tell people it’s a great time to reflect and reevaluate your goals for the upcoming months. Are you leading a mostly healthy lifestyle or could you afford to make some changes? Checking in with someone for measurements and numbers is crucial for making sure you are staying on the right track. At TM Fitness we’d love to help guide you in the right direction for all of your fitness goals to finish 2022 strong!

Small changes add up to big results! Don’t let another month go by where you are feeling discouraged about your fitness and nutrition goals!

As always, thanks for following along!

Here is my banana protein peanut butter smoothie recipe from this morning

2 Cups water


Splash of almond milk

1/2 Banana

1 tbsp PB2

2 scoops top trainer grass fed whey protein

Blend & enjoy!

300 calories

48 G protein

16 net carbs

5 g fat

Did you know when our bodies need protein, we trigger a response and our bodies think we need energy so we crave carbs but really your protein intake is probably lacking? Curious to know where your daily protein and other macros should be at? Message me for more info!

Do you have goals?//Ensure Success//Be your best self//

Happy Monday! l’ve got a goals, do you? I know what my body feels most comfortable at and where I mentally and physically feel my best at. Weight loss is still my current goal and once I get to my goal with my weight I continue to tone and push towards my fitness/nutrition maintenance goals. Being honest with my numbers and the scale doesn’t mess with my success, it holds me accountable. There are many ways to gauge how you are doing from a health standpoint and the way you go about your fitness and nutrition goals is not a one size fits approach, it should always be personalized of course! What I can tell you is that I will always guide you with what approach works best for you all while being honest with your accountability. It doesn’t have to be obsessive scale weighing but we do like a baseline. And obviously weighing yourself in the same outfit and the same time each week is strongly recommended. And with all of our monthly measuring of body fat and measurements we can tell what your body is doing with the muscle vs fat ratio.

How do I ensure my success? Journaling. I journal not only to calculate my macros and see where I’m at on the percentage of what I’m eating. I don’t do it 24/7, 365 days a year but when I have a goal or just want to be more in control. I do it. That’s the approach that works for me and I like it. Journaling for me also guides me to see if there are any issues during my weeks where I’m more bloated or gassy or certain foods trigger making poor choices. I do it to see my timing of eating as well which is huge for success. Journaling isn’t just about macros. It’s so much more.

Life is full of unexpected things happening you can’t always control BUT making sure you’re leading a balanced lifestyle should be a priority. We’re all built differently and our bodies change as we get older and have kids etc. My goals alone for being and staying healthy is first off for myself because I know when I feel my best but also for my family. I have a lot little eyes looking up to me and instilling those healthy habits both nutritionally and physically are so beneficial to young children. And I want to be around for all of their big milestones in life!

Personal fitness goals are just that. PERSONAL. And they belong to YOU!

If you want to train for marathons, if you want to lose weight, if you want to just feel better and improve your overall health, all our goals to be proud of. Our team and myself are here to help you with those goals, and our accountability to make sure you achieve those goals!

I hope you’re having a great Monday and I hope you’ve been able to make a good health choice to better yourself.

As always, thanks for following along!

Hello again//Support//Goals//

It’s been a while. But I’m here to say hello and just take you through a small piece of what these past almost five months have been like.

If there’s anything I’ve taken out of all of this, it’s to depend on people and take the help when you need it or you’ll fail. Continue to take care of yourself because stress and anxiety only worsens with poor nutrition and lack of workouts. Trust me, I had my moments.

I spent 6 weeks down in Ann Arbor before I came home once. I started a routine where I slept at the hospital, I took turns in each boys room each night. I woke up, went and got coffee, I would take a little walk downtown and then go back to the hospital to get ready for the day and wait for the doctors to round. Week 2, I started going and walking on the treadmill at a gym for a change of pace. I continued to do that routine daily and it seemed to be working. I was blocking out the fact that I was missing everyone from home. Catching up with them after days became chaotic because they were trying to do their nightly routines and I wasn’t present to help.

I finally came home and it felt so good. It was hard to be away but I felt like me again.

Fast forward through all the trips to Ann Arbor and the moments we spent with the boys and the moments we’ve been able to spend together have been amazing. Getting the news that Tripp would be coming home was such a happy moment. Getting the boys together for the first time in what seemed like forever was amazing. I’ve felt such happiness being with those boys even if the circumstances aren’t what I imagined. I have a lot of matching outfits that they haven’t worn and will never wear together but I’ve come to realize no matter what, these two little boys are fighters and we are SO excited to bring Tanner home when he is ready. Until then we continue to lean on family and friends to help us with the care of the others while we have to be away.

Goal PHASE! End of December is always when I begin to start putting heavy goals on myself. I didn’t have strong goals this year until Tripp came home. It was weird, I was just going through motions and didn’t even realize it. I was present but taking Tripp home and him meeting the others was what my heart needed. And I know when Tanner is home, I’ll be even better but for now I’m taking the victory. So far, I’ve started running a couple times a week with goals. We WILL be running Grandma’s Marathon in June even if we have to drive there the night before and come back the day of after we run. Life is tough and these moments have challenged me in more ways I ever thought possible but we’re achieving goals and moving forward in more ways than one. If I can say anything about anything is, it’s all in your mindset, be as positive as you can. I can’t stress that enough. Take care of yourself, it’s the only way you’ll be able to be positive through whatever you’re going though.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. My famous line. I’m living it and I’m doing great. You can reach for your goals and achieve them too!

I could probably go on for years but I’m going to leave it at that for now but just know I’m always here to help with guidance and support and be a motivator. I’m still training, again, I’m able to be doing that because I have the support of family and friends.

Thanks for following along! I intend to be more consistent again with writing. I’ve definitely still written through this process but I was never quite ready to share.

Fall Routines//TM Fitness Expanding//Movement//Goals//

I hope everyone is having a good Summer, it’s hard to believe it’s already getting to the time where we head back to the fall routines.

We are so excited as TM Fitness is expanding! We closed on a new building in Marquette Township and our set opening date is October 11! We will have our Private Personal Training space in one suite that connects to our general gym membership area! We are beyond excited to offer general gym memberships and more services.

We’ve had a good Summer of activities, beach days, little trips away on the weekends. Being pregnant with twins has proven to make me stop more and be more in tune with how much I should push myself and resting has been my best medicine after training during the day but I’ve learned in moments when I’ve not rested and I’ve paid so now closing in on 24 weeks I’ve learned when I need to rest and I’ve been feeling really good with a good balance of rest and movement. Just like any program, find what works for you and that’s exactly our approach at TM Fitness. A customized approach that will give you the results for YOU!

Workouts have still been good, modified of course but still getting in those daily movements. My nutrition has stayed in check with whole balanced meals and I’ve been keeping up with writing down what I’m putting in to keep in check. Of course, I have some goodies and treats from time to time, and that’s okay! I feel like I’m always drinking water which is a good thing! I’m still doing my daily decaffeinated ketones which I love and will never give up! I always like to share why I enjoy using them and the science behind them but like I always say just like any supplement you have to find what works for you it’s not a magic pill or supplement that just melts away fat or makes you gain muscle, where you can eat whatever you want. It BENEFITS you if you use it properly and with a better lifestyle with whole foods, exercise and balance, certain supplements can aid in your overall health. Click here for the ketone supplements I use. There is also FAQ’s you can checkout as well on the ketones, click here for those!

My client and work schedule has balanced itself out very well and I’m enjoying guiding and training people with specific nutrition, fitness goals and supplements that best fit their lifestyles.

As always, thanks for following along and message me to get started or if you have any questions about exercise/nutrition/supplemental plans!


It’s been a bit and my goal is to start sharing more blog posts again at least bi weekly. But I wanted to say hello and give you a little life update!

At the end of March I found out I was pregnant and was excited but also very nervous and anxious as all I could keep thinking about was my miscarriage to our baby boy at almost 10 weeks in December. I had gotten through all of those emotions and was feeling very at peace. We knew we wanted to try again for baby number 4 but didn’t stress about it so I definitely was happy to see that positive test again.

Weeks went by, I started getting symptoms right around 6.5 weeks and they seemed to come on with a vengeance. I was basically nauseous all day, in the morning but as long as I was moving in a workout, I’d be ok, but as soon as I sat down, I’d feel sick. Then mid day I would get a little break but then in the evening, it would come back full force. I tried ginger, peppermint tea, lemon water(which helped the most) Eating was hit or miss and everything I’d want I’d need have to have it RIGHT then and there otherwise it could sound gross within minutes. I felt like I could always be sleeping and still do some days!

I’m 18 weeks today and the nausea has definitely subsided but I still definitely have food aversions and still need to sit down and relax by 4pm to get my energy back up for the rest of the evening routine! 🤣

I am not complaining because we are so blessed to be experiencing this journey, I just am being honest about how I am feeling. We found out at the end of May, we are having BOYS! I’ve been able to see them so much on ultrasounds and it’s been such a joy watching them grow! Our Twins are Monochorionic, diamniotic (MCDA) twins are the product of a single fertilized egg that split resulting in genetically identical offspring. MCDA twins share a single placenta (blood supply) but have separate amniotic sacs. So they are identical twin boys. Thought I would share the scientific term! 😉

I’ve been consistent with my workouts and that helps daily. I’ve had to implement in more stretching, squats and wall sits as needed. Weekly clean up sessions have helped and I’ve still been able to do running mileage weekly as well! Sundays I’m still teaching. As far as supplements I’m still taking my decaf ketones(click here for info of those) and whey protein and my daily vitamins/supplements which we sell as well!

I enjoy training so much and guiding and helping others reach their goals! As always, if you need guidance in any area, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I hope you have a great Holiday weekend! Remember, nutrition tips for the weekend. Have the foods you love and enjoy, portion control is key and don’t over indulge and drink plenty of water!! Join me on the 4th of July for a great 30 minute workout at 9am, it can be in person or virtual! Message me to sign up!

April//Fitness Goals//Kiddo Update//8-Week Program//

I hope April is going well for all of you! Spring Break time is officially coming to an end for most. We had a nice long weekend getaway at a water park in Wisconsin and it was just what we needed to feel refreshed and ready for April. We’ve been very busy at the gym and that is always a good thing! I can’t believe a year is coming up being open for TM Fitness. Looking back on memories from last year, I am so appreciative that we are open and able to be out and about and living a somewhat normal lifestyle.

Mallorie is doing great at school. Makenzie and Tucker are enjoying their days with their babysitter. I just signed Makenzie up for Junior Kindergarten, so weird to think she will be FIVE in October and we will be dropping them both off at school next year.

Tucker is full of spunk and is growing up so fast! He definitely likes to push our buttons but is such a sweetheart, too!

We are having such a great Spring so far, besides cooler temperatures and a little snow but thankfully it’s warm enough where it’s not really sticking. We had such a mild winter and that was wonderful. I’m hoping we’re going to have a beautiful Summer for lots of outside and beach time!

I really honed in on my fitness goals since the end of March. I’m back to outdoor runs again and doing my daily strength workouts which I’ve been amping up a bit as well! I’ve been feeling really good. I didn’t sign up for any races this year yet because I was so worried they were going to get canceled. I’m hoping to do a half marathon, just not sure which one yet. I’m on track with my training for a July half but we’ll see! Any suggestions on fun races, let me know!

Since we’re planning to be here most weekends again for a while I’ve implemented back in the 9am High Intensity Interval Training workout on Sundays again. All fitness levels welcome, I show both low and high impact options. Workouts can be done virtual or in person. Message me for more info or to get signed up for this Sunday.

Would anyone be interested in an 8-week program focused on mostly on strength training but also cardio days and then a meal plan? I’d like to kick off April 26th and it would go until June 28th. A good push into the Summer months. I have programs written up that I’ve followed and some that my clients have followed. My meal plans are very realistic and balanced and of course can be adjusted for allergies, sensitivities and dislike of foods. Message me if you’re interested. It would also come with daily/weekly accountability.

As always, I appreciate you all following along. If you’re interested in any type of programs or accountability individually as well, just message me. From small goals to big goals, I’d love to guide you!

Have a great Thursday!

The Truth/Taking care of your body/ Moving Forward//

There’s no perfect explanation or anything to explain how I’ve felt since losing our baby boy in December. I’ve had a whirlwind of emotions and physical and mental barriers since my miscarriage. The healing process has been real, meaning, some days are harder than others. My heart still hurts, I still cry, I don’t want to understand why but I’ve decided that I have to accept that the pain of losing a baby will never completely go away. Time heals. It really does. I’m just here to say that each and every woman who has gone through this trauma, there’s no way to completely move forward one way. It has to be on your terms and how you feel and making the best of your journey. I got my first menstrual cycle back on January 30 after my miscarriage. I was at first relieved, but then into the next week, I started to feel an overload of emotions again. BUT I can say through all of this, in the beginning I began trying to just push through the anxiousness and sadness until Travis suggested taking CBD oil (because I was really considering medication but didn’t want to at all) so right before Christmas into January I took CBD daily. I stopped taking it at the beginning of January and that’s what made me realize how much it was actually helping me so I began taking it again and I haven’t stopped. The anxious mind eases. The fact that it’s natural has made me so much more willing to take it. I’m someone who doesn’t like to take ibuprofen or anything for cramps, headaches. So, this seemed like the best choice because I was really struggling. My head/heart feel much happier on the daily supplements of CBD. I also have implemented in CBG some days as well, it just depends on the day if I need to take a 1/2 dropper of each or just a 1/2 dropper of CBD or CBG. If you’d like information on the brand I’ve been using, just touch base. We do offer sample sizes of it as well!

My workouts have been necessary and just what I need to continue feeling stronger daily. Also, eating whole food, meats and veggies have been my best choices again, too. Getting an appetite back was a process but it happened. Sometimes I was having two or three shakes a day because that’s all I could handle.

My physical presence has taken me on a journey because I tend to be hard on myself. But in the past month, I’ve learned to embrace again and in my mind that’s part of the healing process.

I’ve been doing weekly cleanup sessions to release muscle tensions! I’ve been doing it with Trevor(one of the trainers at TM Fitness) because Travis and I can’t train together seriously! 🤣🤣 And that makes a world of difference in my movements and just feeling better functionally.

After everything we went through I decided to start picking up the phone and calling people instead of always texting. My best friend and I have talked on the phone so much more since my miscarriage and it makes me happy, we used to just write novels to each other and then not text for a couple days because we got busy and picking up the phone has proven to be much better! My heart is feeling so much better with communication. Leaning on others to talk and vent has proven to heal me even more. Spending alone time with Travis has also been part of the healing so we can process this together. With the three kiddos I always want to make sure we are taking TIME for ourselves and our relationship along with the time for each of them and us as a whole family.

I’m here to say. We’ve got this! We can move forward. Don’t dwell on the past, look forward to the future. Be your best version while still enjoying the balance of life.

Thank you all for following along!

Miscarriage//Real Talk//Honesty//Moving Forward//

It’s hard to explain. Your heart hurts, your mind hurts, your body hurts. It’s not fair. A week before Christmas Day I miscarried our fourth baby.

Baby number four was due July 17, 2021. I was so excited to have a Summer baby. Being outside riding bikes with Mallorie, Tucker, Kenzie and Travis and I walking our newest baby in the stroller. I literally have no words to explain how it actually feels, and that’s what I kept telling Travis, I cannot explain it and he kept telling me I don’t have to but also tells me to let it out. He encourages me. He told me to move when I didn’t feel like it, open the curtains because he knows I’m better that way. He isn’t telling me to do intense workouts, just move and feel how you feel. Be around others and it truly does help. I had deep anxious moments where most of life didn’t make sense for the past three weeks. I went through so many emotions I wasn’t sure some days I was even going to make it through a day because my heart hurt so bad.

I can’t explain how much pain you can feel in one moment but I’m sure many of you can relate. But on 7w4d I saw our baby’s heartbeat and on 9w6d I saw that baby but with no longer a heartbeat.

I have my three healthy little ones and I can’t even explain how much they helped me through. We have grieved but we all have each other.

We did get to find out that our sweet angel baby was a boy. We now have an angel baby boy and brother to watch over us all. My heart has began to heal. My mind has began to heal has well. I will never forget carrying him for as long as I was blessed to. My body is finally feeling ready to be me again and this week has been my best one yet. Miscarriages are real and raw. I now know firsthand how hard this process is. To anyone experiencing anything related, just know you’re not alone. Reach out, talk, because it sure has helped me heal and it continues to. Lean on others as much as you need because it helps so so much.

And to be honest and open, one day I tried to just stay in bed and go up and down the stairs to feed and hang with the kiddos in bed and then I just broke. That was my breaking point. Travis came home from work early and I just slept because I was so mentally and physically exhausted and that day I moved a bit forward. I’ve been working on blog posts over and over and this one is the one that stuck. The others may come in time. The day after it all happened, Travis and I were lucky enough to just escape together with my sisters help. I just needed to be with him and vice versa, we just needed each other.

After this all happened, I basically was only able to eat when I felt like it and whatever just sounded good, I ate and for the most part, really had no appetite. As I have started to heal, I’ve been able to implement some of my normal daily eating habits back in and like I said, this week has been my best one yet, my workouts are feeling great, I’m smiling again, I feel like me again. And yes, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of that little angel baby but knowing he’s in a better place makes it all more worth it to keep on keeping on, moving forward instead of backwards.

Now let’s flip the switch and look forward to 2021. My Goals? This year I want to try to downhill ski again, even though it has been since high school, cross country ski again since college, and just do things that make me and my family happy. I’m journaling my thoughts daily and that has helped my mind. I’m doing my best to be the best for myself and my family. I’m training more and I truly love it! Helping others is so beneficial not only to them but me.

My biggest advice in dark and sad times is do your best to try and move. Just walk around your house and do things, that started to help me every morning when I didn’t just lay in bed and think. I’ve never felt more weak in my workouts but I did smaller weights and did what I felt comfortable. Leading a healthy lifestyle really helps with that mental headspace.

Cheers to 2021! Let’s make the best of it! As always if you need any guidance or support, message me.

Thanks for following along!

Hustle//Food Lifestyles//Ketones//Supplements//Workouts//Your Choices//Guidance//

This time of year has all the hustle and bustle of getting things done on your lists and making sure you’re all set for the Holidays. Set yourself up for success in all aspects of your life by implementing your goals and focuses for the month and begin following through.

I’ve gotten so many questions about “diets” and that’s exactly what we are not going to talk about. We should follow something that is going to work for us like I said in my last blog post. It’s finding that lifestyle that is going to work for YOU. Better choices, small changes will lead to the progress and results in the long run. But it never ends, you continue and reach more goals because by choosing to make lifestyle changes those then turn into your new normal and before you know it, the old bad habits are non existent.

I have a client who has been completely transparent through this journey that she started 6 weeks ago. She is down 8 pounds in in less than two months. She doesn’t completely stress about her food but she knows what foods make her feel better but doesn’t stress when she makes a hiccup, she owns it and we move on. Balance is beautiful.

So, because I do ketones so many people make the assumption that I’m on the “Keto diet” for one, I am never on a diet and people should know that by now, it’s a lifestyle. And no, I am not keto. I use ketones as a supplement, why? Well, because they are science based and they are pure therapeutic ketones and can be used with any lifestyle. They’re not just some supplement I’m using because it doesn’t work. It does work. What does it do? It gives me clearer focus(much better than coffee) because coffee can give you that jittery feel. Do I still drink coffee? YES! I will never give up coffee but I do drink less. Ketones also aid to burn fat because of their ability to put you in ketosis within 60 minutes or less. The ketones come in caffeinated or caffeine free. If you want to see more into the science, click here and then click on HOW IT WORKS to watch the video.

The nice part about living a balanced lifestyle is, we make choices that will enable us to see the results without giving up everything. Do low carb lifestyles work? Yes. It works for some people. Do keto lifestyles work? Yes. But with keto, it’s a commitment, you should be checking your ketone blood levels. Do vegan lifestyles work? Yes. Does a paleo lifestyles work? Yes. Don’t compare your lifestyle to someone else or knock someone because they like to follow a different lifestyle/meal plan than you. Intermittent fasting has had its fair share of good and bad reviews by many and it works wonders for a busy mom of 3(ME!). My morning consists of chaos, feeding little ones, getting them ready for school/daycare and you know what, I have my coffee, ketones and then around noon I have my first meal and it’s a well balanced thought out meal I can enjoy. But that doesn’t mean that sometimes I have a shake in the morning when I absolutely need it! I eat three big meals and two small snacks a day. The other day I was talking to someone about fasting and I said “but it doesn’t work for everyone!” And she asked me “why doesn’t it work for everyone?” and my response is always because some people are too hungry or used to eating right away that if they try and fast no matter if you have ketones, coffee and water in the morning and you can’t get past that hunger(some do, some can’t), you’re going to end up overeating so it defeats the purpose of fasting. The benefits of fasting are really interesting. It’s not a one size fit approach either and finding the fasting schedule that works for you is key. I always say start with 10-12 which is easier and build up from there. Doing 16(not eating) and 8 (eating) is the most common. But finding an approach intermittent fasting or not that is sustainable for you is key!

Supplements? Are another common asked question. My response, are they proven to help aid? Yes. That’s up to you and your journey though. I will give recommendations and be there to make the right choices and guide you but I always like to get what people are currently doing and just make some tweaks to enhance your routine.

Workout—is there a wrong workout? No. Is there proof that strength training is necessary? Yes. Just like your nutrition, it’s good to keep your workouts streamlined and structured but also make sure you enjoy them(for the most part! 😜) There are so many avenues to take with workouts. Cardio? Yes. HIIT workouts are my extra bonus fun workouts because I enjoy pushing myself. I enjoy running, when my body is functionally moving great, I like to knock out 5-8 miles per week. If you’re planning to run a marathon, you obviously need both functional movement strength training, running and other cardio workouts. There is no one size fits approach for workouts either. Not much of a push yourself person, that’s ok. Love to push yourself, we got you there, too! There are certain muscles people want to see bigger, leaner, stronger and each person is so different. That’s why individual plans work better, with my experience. I have the most fun with workouts. I strength train daily, sprinkle in HIIT workouts through the week with my groups, do some BodyStep, BodyAttack(sports inspired workouts) because I love to do them and sweat. I also like a good burpee challenge! Not everyone likes to do the same things but that’s why we’re here to help guide and plan with you to make the best of your workouts. Every Saturday I do BodyFlow(yoga) and a full body workout and yoga is my least favorite thing to start but realize how crucial it is at the end of my week and then I have a big Sunday workout. I have been doing a workout 6-7 days a week and listen to my body if I need the recovery/ rest day but generally my Tuesdays are a lighter day so that gives me my rest. Again, everyone has a different journey and some people workout 3-4 days a week and that works. I’m a daily endorphin workout junkie! Let me help guide you on your fitness/nutrition routines. Let me help you find what works best for you and we will set you up for the most success. Or if you’re good in the nutrition aspect, join me for a workout!

Remember, our choices daily build up to results. Make sure you’re getting sleep, drinking your water, making better choices with our foods. Let’s get a head start on goals and kick off 2021 on a head start! It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your Holidays, it just means being more sensible and balanced in your approach. Boost your immune system with all the right things, nutrition, exercise, self care, sleep and more. There’s no better time than NOW!

As always, thanks for following along!