A year older!

Tuesday was my 29th  birthday and as I reflect on my life and my journey, life is so precious and I’m so fortunate to be on such a great journey with my family and friends!

This year, I signed up to do a full marathon, as most of you know. This has been one of my biggest times to reflect and think about my life moving forward on all my runs.

Travis is my biggest supporter, and I his. In life it’s not always the happy times that make you grow stronger, sometimes the biggest growth moments are when you have to work together to find what it is the both of you want in life. We have had a great year, and I think this is going to be our best year yet.

So as far as my runs are going! Good, for the most part. It always amazes me how much the human body can be put through. Continue following my journey and I will keep you all posted on my ribbon number if you would like to follow along on RACE DAY!


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