Christmas//Reflection//Gluten Free Sugar Cookies//Meal Prep Service//Running//A funny story//

We are only 5 days away from Christmas and our house is full of magic, holiday parties, holiday baking, elf shenanigans and so much love. As we get to the end of the year, I always reflect on the past year as I’m sure a lot of you do too! This year has been so much for me. I’ve went through some obstacles of being a mom to 3. Mallorie went to kindergarten and is acting like she’s 13 sometimes. My mom heart explodes though because she’s such a motivated, generous and wonderful helper in all aspects of her life. Makenzie is going to preschool and beats to her own drum, only wears workout pants, summer dresses and short sleeve t-shirts. She has a kind soul but gets mad very quickly when something doesn’t go her way. The independence is deep in that one. And our sweet Tucker, he lights up our world. There’s something about having a baby boy and I am so blessed he came into our lives. He’s standing on everything and before we know it, he’ll be walking! Time sure has flown.

Growth—Travis and I have grown this year individually and together. We are so very lucky to be able to be where we are in our lives and are so fortunate for the positive people in our lives. 2019 is going to be hard to beat but 2020 is already looking to be great!

This week, the girls and I made gluten free sugar cookies. I’ll post the recipe link below. I thought they were ok and Travis thought they were good! The girls liked them too. I did use egg in it(even due to my sensitivity) because I couldn’t bring myself to using applesauce when I was already using gluten free flour. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 We will be making regular sugar cookies Monday. We also made Oreo Truffles which are so rich and sweet but delicious. We took them to Makenzie’s Preschool Christmas party and they were a hit!

Keeping me on track with my nutrition for the most part has been MQT Nutrition. Their meal prep service has saved me from having to put together lunches and dinners along with taking care of the holiday hustle. I highly recommend them!

I’m enjoying the Holidays but not losing sight of my goals. My body fat is right where I want it to be. I am continuing to do my strength workouts and HIIT workouts through the week. I also have been interval running on the treadmill a couple days a week. Averaging about 6-10 miles a week. I’m excited for TWO races this spring/summer and look forward to more. I was talking to somebody when I ran my last marathon and they said generally when somebody does a marathon, that’s either the only one they do or they keep doing them! Looks like I’m the one who keeps doing them. Running outside is so therapeutic for me and my training runs are so empowering. Listening to my body is most crucial. Like, yesterday I worked out with somebody and by the end I was just like I need a rest day I could just tell. So this morning I am just enjoying some coffee, I am kidless because my sister has them for a special pre-Christmas weekend and I’m just enjoying my time and getting Christmas stuff wrapped up! I’m so thankful to have her to take them for weekends and trips because when we need those much needed breaks, it really gives us a chance to be us and they also love spending time with auntie and uncle, so it’s a win win!

I do have to share a Makenzie story. So, Tuesday afternoon neither her or Tucker would fall asleep so I put them in the car and of course they fall asleep. So, then it is time to pick Mallorie up from school because they both had haircuts and so she was stirring around but basically I had to wake her up and I brought her in the school and she insisted that we were staying because she wanted something to eat and she was carrying on and crying and saying she was staying so finally after five minutes of trying to convince her I had to grab her and pick her up. And I had took her in the other hand and she managed to squeeze out and she tried to run back in the school. So I had to grab her again and we got to the vehicle and I sat her down and she started running so I had to grab her again and then finally I got her in the vehicle and she laid on the floor saying she wasn’t going and that she hated us. So got to the hair salon and she came in but screamed at the door yelling don’t talk to me don’t look at me. And we just ignored her and then all of a sudden she came out of it got her haircut was so appreciative and then we got home and I was all of a sudden like “hey Kenzie who was that kid at the school and at the hair salon?” And she looks at me and she says “yeah, mom I was just crying and mad because I just needed something to eat, I was crazy, right mom?” These are real mom moments that I will always look back on and be so appreciative that I was able to be a mom. But in those sweaty moments wrangling them, it can be so overwhelming! To all the mamas out there, keep doing a great job!

Happy Saturday!

Click here for the gluten free sugar cookie recipe!

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