Overwhelming//Goals//Stay at home life//Guidance//

It’s trying, it’s tough, it’s overwhelming, there’s great moments and absolutely shitty moments. You take each day by day and sometimes hour by hour. We’ve had plenty of timeouts, plenty of screaming moments, tantrums, the I’m going to lose my mind for the fifteenth time today but what I can say is…it all ends up okay because the kids are our light of hope always and we just need to appreciate that we’re healthy.

In the beginning of 2020, I started with goals and new positive outcomes to look forward to with hard work and motivation. I haven’t stopped but some things, like the balance of school, gym time and me time has came to a pause for now. We’ve been home for how many ever days now and it really makes me realize that there’s a reason why you space your children and there’s just a flow that you get into and a routine and when something like this and all of that comes to a standing halt, you have to be appreciative as well. Yes, moments can be tough and trying but there’s also so many positive things that have come out of this. Tucker has bonded to Mallorie and Daddy so much as a lot of the times he would only get a couple hours with them in the evening and then weekends.  For about 80% of the time, they are really well behaved and we’ve been having a lot of fun. We aren’t on a major schedule, but we have a kindergartner ready to learn daily(we’ve been doing worksheets, and fun apps to keep her learning) and we are doing chore charts, playing card games, taking walks, riding bikes, they are enjoying doing a 15-20 minute workout on the LesMills OnDemand app called Born to Move and FaceTiming family. We are doing the best we can with the situation we are in. Last weekend we decided to move a table and chairs in the basement along with a carpet and the girls small table for a change of scenery than just in our normal living space. It was a lot of fun for the girls as they played Go Fish with dad and Tucker yanked on Travis’ leg over and over to be picked up and I said welcome to my world! 😉 We are in the process of finishing the rest of the basement. Thankfully the bathroom was finished down there so all we have left is the rest of the flooring and doors! Carpenter Travis is hopefully showing up this weekend!

I’m looking forward to a routine again but it does make you realize it is ok to slow down once in a while. There are silver linings in all this. Travis is still keeping himself busy with virtual sessions and continuing education. I chuckled the other day because I said this isn’t so bad….I actually like you more than I thought!

I have to laugh because I meet my move goals on my watch so much faster daily with being home with the three of them than I do when we’re in our normal routine. I run the dishwasher once a day and do dishes what seems like a million times a day. I like a house in order because that helps my sanity. Also, getting ready for the day helps too so much and it keeps you in check with your jeans!

Workouts have been great but of course I think a new routine and such a weird situation in life always adds more anxiety but making sure you’re doing your best is all we can do! I’m still running one to two times a week even though both our half and full marathons were canceled. Now being whatever day this is, I kind of feel a sense of this being our new normal(for now). We adapt and adjust, that’s all we can do in times like this. Very thankful for FaceTime to keep in touch. Mallorie has gotten letters from her teacher and she gets so very excited writing her back. That’s one thing that keeps making me sad over and over, Kindergarten year and she LOVES school and her teacher and friends so so much!! But safety for all is what matters most is what I keep having to remind myself.

Tucker has also been going to bed between 7:15-7:30 and before this Travis wouldn’t get home sometimes until then, or even sometimes 8 so it just puts things into perspective of the importance of work/life balance as well.

Lastly, I want to say with things being so unknown day by day and week by week. Make sure you set out a timeline for your goals still. I have quite a few people just doing weekly accountability to weigh in and following them on MyFitnessPal to ensure they’re staying on track. Even if weight loss isn’t your goal, overall health is a huge goal especially with what’s going on, the importance of keeping up with your supplements and movement is so beneficial for your immune system and your mental health. Need guidance, just send me a message! As always, I’d love to help. And thanks for following along.

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