The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

SO MUCH going these past two days!! Yesterday, I cleaned the house, that is week two getting the cleaning done. I started at about 9 and finished right around 12:30. The girls aren’t too needy right away in the morning so it’s been working out, I’ll let you know if it gets done next week!! 😉

Seriously, this time of year is the most hectic but also my favorite. So I started decorating last Tuesday and we add stuff all through the season, which is fun! Mallorie is a bit addicted to Christmas and she just loves helping me, it’s been a blast, each year gets more fun with her! Makenzie is toddling around seeing what she can get into. About decorating before Thanksgiving, I do it because I’m home and I don’t do well keeping the pumpkins up for Thanksgiving. We do not get our main Christmas tree or decorate any windows or outside until after Thanksgiving though.

Do you go out for Black Friday shopping? I don’t! I’d rather stay home and drink coffee and shop online. Of course, head out on Saturday in your town though for Small Business Saturday and support small businesses! I will be posting the Black Friday Target deals on the blog Friday.

I also have a love for Reebok clothes and shoes, for 30% off click here and use code 30YR to get 30% off all orders.

Enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow, all!! Xoxo.

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