Tuesdays are for cleaning ;)

So, it’s Tuesday again and guess what?! I cleaned again today, three weeks in a row, I think now I officially created a habit?! Haha.

So in preparation for Travis’ 30TH Birthday this Saturday, I’ve been busy with a couple gifts for him! I’ll be sure to update when I can. 😉

Today, I did a weight workout with my littles. As long as I put down the little step for them to play on, they leave me alone. I’m on one side of the room and they’re on the other. Although, instead of my normal workout music on Fit Radio, Mallorie insisted we listen to Christmas music. So, I went with it, Tis’ the season!

For dinner I made pork chops and brussels sprouts, Mallorie had a pancake with an orange and Makenzie had what we had. When Mallorie was Makenzie’s age, she always ate everything, and I don’t know how that changes. She used to eat steak, salmon, everything we ate. But I can say she is good about eating veggies and fruits she likes, so I’ll take it! As long as they’re eating 😉

Recipe below:

1lb of Pork chops cooked in 1 tbsp organic  butter
With salt, pepper & minced Garlic

Brussels sprouts baked in oven at 400 degrees for 35 minutes with 1 tbsp olive oil, minced Garlic, salt and pepper

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