Wow! Life is crazy this time of year!

Oh my gosh! Jimmy the Elf returned. I went in the basement last night to pull him out of hidden territory and weirdly when I opened the box I said, “gosh, I hope he’s in here!” We have so much fun with Jimmy each year. The first year we had him Mallie called him “jimby!”

Real or fake tree? We’ve had a real tree every year since we moved in our house BUT this year we were offered a 10ft fake tree and it’s beautiful! I told Travis I would give it a try! And I love it, especially the clean up 😉 all I had to do is buy a Christmas tree scented candle!

Holiday baking and cooking is my favorite time to cook/bake. Favorite recipes are Travis’ mom’s mom’s homemade pizza we have on Christmas Eve. I only help put the toppings on but travis’ Mom makes the dough from scratch and it’s AMAZING.

My favorite thing to bake is the peanut butter blossom cookies, Oreo truffles and gingerbread cookies.

The holiday season is my time of year where I enjoy all yummy things!

Oh, and guess what?! Tomorrow, I’m officially married to a 30 year old! 😉 thanks for following!

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