Christmas is coming!

WOW!! 6 days until Christmas. Officially my lists now have lists it feels like! I’m pretty prepared just have to wrap everything and get everything all together. I started writing this post yesterday and I just kept finding other things I had to do.

My goal for this morning was to sit down and make a “menu” for what we need for food so I can go to the grocery store BEFORE the weekend. My goal is to have everything done by Friday! Wish me luck.

How was your Monday? I was spoiled with coffee, eggs and sausage made by Travis. He had a break at 8, and came home and cooked. What a way to start Monday. Needless to say, I continued with a bike workout and then a quick upper body workout. Funny how one small gesture can make you have a fabulous day. Happy wife moment!

Monday was also filled with organizing and creating a give away pile of Mallorie’s toys. At first when I told her she needs to make room for new toys she was a bit upset but she soon was all in!

So excited for this next week of festivities! It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Jimmy the Elf brought us a Gingerbread House today so that’s on our list when daddy gets home!! Hoping to post more often like I was!! 😊

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