Busy, busy!

I feel like I’ve been MIA! Just busy and good busy! Getting stuff done. Workouts have been before the girls get up, then we have been busy organizing, cleaning, Christmas projects! So fun this time of year. Jimmy has been being a goof ball. This morning he was riding my bike and had a little reindeer on the front! Mallorie’s excitement is priceless.

We’ve been getting snow and I’m excited that we’re going to have quite bit (hopefully) for Christmas! Two years ago the ground was icky looking with no snow and last year we just had a dusting.

Target has officially got me, all of my Christmas shopping is basically done thanks to them, Save $10 when you spend $50, or Save $25 when you spend $100 or more. Click on the Target links on my page to shop. Christmas is only 12 days away! What?! So crazy. Such a beautiful and fun time of year! I hope you’re all enjoying it!

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