Taking time for yourself

Do you ever just feel so empowered and ready to get things done? And you make lists and it feels so good to check things off but then there’s those tasks that just seem to stay on the list or get erased because you just don’t ever get to it. This weekend I am conquering those tasks, no excuses. How? Well, being a stay at home Mom is amazing and fun and having the a ability to do so is like no other, but it seems every time I try to get into something on my computer someone needs a snack or needs help in the potty or just wants some attention, which is what being a mommy is all about, don’t get me wrong! So, when do I find time to do things I need to get done? When they’re sleeping at night, I tend to stay up until 11 or midnight every night for that “me” time and on weekends I go to a coffee shop when Travis is home and I can fully focus on my tasks. I never started doing that until recently, and wow, it’s a game changer, a cup of coffee and checking off my to do list!

So, this leads into my biggest word of advice to any mom, whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom. Always, always take time for yourself. Don’t feel selfish when you spend those extra 15-20 minutes at Target, don’t feel like you can’t your hair done or get a massage, do it because it makes you that much better of a mama. I’ve learned to go when I’m told! 😉

Currently, laying in bed because Travis told me I needed to just lay and relax, and guess what? I took a 15 minute nap, now I’m writing this blog post with a clear mind all while listening to giggles downstairs from my girlies with their daddy. Life is great!!

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