Taking care of business

Oh my goodness, what a month March has been! Busy is an understatement, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m still getting in my workouts and fulfilling my nutrition goals with a few cheats here and there because life is about balance, right?

Last Saturday marked 12 weeks until Grandma’s Marathon on June 16th. I ran my first 4 miles and I felt pretty darn good. It’s amazing all the mixed workouts I do, how good I felt running. My first run was in 24-degree weather and sunshine. I figure the weather is only going to get better. 😉

There’s so much to be said for getting in those workouts every day and that it what keeps me going through these icky days we have when the sun is not shining. Who else loves when the sun shines every day!?

I wanted to share my latest favorite breakfast/snack recipe.

6 Large Eggs

3/4 C Heavy Whipping Cream

1/2 C Shredded Cheese of choice

5 slices bacon (cooked)

2 oz yellow onion

Salt & Pepper

Mix all ingredients, bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. Cut into 8 pieces.

210 Calories

17 g fat

2 g Carbs

10 g protein

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