Another new month!

I feel like February just began and here we are, it’s March. February is a fun month because Mallorie turned “four” on February 26 and we had her party over the weekend and she had so much fun!! This was a BIG year for her. She planned out a lot of the details on Pinterest to have the perfect Belle Party!

I’ve been on track with my fitness and nutrition for the most part and some days I’m even getting in TWO workouts! Mom for the win! I need to post more, which is going to be my focus this month. I’ve been doing a bunch of other stuff on the side as well so I’m just trying to find my blog flow! I have many “thoughts” written down and look forward to continuing to share them with you all!

This week Travis and I are doing the Motions 5 Day Detoxification Program, today is Day 5 and I just love it, total game changer! If you’re interested in getting the detox, go to their website, I highly recommend! So, as I head into the weekend, I feel in complete control of what I’m going to put in my body.

Have a great weekend!

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