Embrace the Moments

So, Pruvit just released a sale from today at 5PM until tonight at 11:59. Seriously, go check it out. These keto supplements are a game changer. Click here to shop!

June is fast approaching and each week is a little closer to my marathon! I’m feeling ready, but nervous. It’s kind of funny, the past couple weeks, before my runs I’ve been getting the sick feeling before I run. I can only imagine what I will be like on race day.

I feel like summer is finally here so that is nice until you look at the weekend forecast for cooler temperatures! So last week I ran in Bark River and it was 70 degrees when we left at 9am, and 78 by the time we got back. The sun was beating on us basically the whole way. I had the privilege of Travis coming on my run last week as a biker with a speaker in his backpack filled with my gels, water and a towel. Do you think they would allow him to ride next to me race day? I could only wish. Looking forward to sharing the rest of my journey with you all!!

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