26.2 is fast approaching!

Saturday is fast approaching! As I’ve had many “moments” of nerves and “oh shits, I’m actually running a marathon.” Monday was by far the worst nerve day, and then as the week has progressed I’m more at the point today like, “you’ve got this, you’re ready!” My confidence is there and I’m just ready to be at the starting line. Weather? Checks the weather forecast at least 3 times a day! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Guess what? Heavy rain projected! Oh, well. I’ve ran in 30-40 degree weather with wind and snow, I think I’ll be ok. I then looked closely at the hourly forecast, by the time the race starts, it’s projected to only be a 40% chance of rain, and the percentages drop moving forward. Now, do I want it to rain? No. I’d prefer it not but am I going to stress over the possibility that it might? Heck no! I have one goal and that’s to finish. The temperatures look to be in the mid 50’s to 60’s, my ultimate running weather. Let’s do this! Bib number 8886, download Grandma’s Marathon App, hit live tracking and type in my bib number to follow along!

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