Pregnancy, Funny things Reboot Results, Thanksgiving, & Target Black Friday

So at almost 30 weeks pregnant, I went to “hop” on my bike and do cardio this morning. First of all, I don’t know what made me think that was going to work out but needless to say I may have lasted 30 seconds and had to get off. I’m happy though that I still feel agile enough that I thought I was going to just be able to do it! I then did BodyAttack for 30 minutes from my LesMills OnDemand, which was a lot better choice and was able to get a good workout with Makenzie. I had a baby appointment today and baby is measuring right on and it’s always neat to listen to that heartbeat! I’m 70 days away from my due date, which is so crazy as time has flown by so fast.

A couple funny things that have happened in our household is my jacket no longer zips and with the winter we are having I had to go on the search for a new one because there is just something about that cold belly while running around that doesn’t feel good! I ordered it from the maternity section from Gap and it’s supposed to be here Friday so here’s to hoping that one zips.

Also, I feel like there’s always the debate on toilet paper rolls being under or over and I’m one of the people who could care less but I can tell you I do have a peeve of the toilet paper rolls having to be changed once a day so I was adamant when we bought our last rolls that they were giant rolls. Travis had bought the right toilet paper just not the right size rolls and it drove me nuts as I was having to change the toilet paper rolls all too often!

I am beyond excited to share the Reboot results with you all. I have a couple people who opted to do theirs after Thanksgiving and are starting on Sunday so I will give you the total weight loss then but so far we are at 30 pounds. If you are interested in getting the December reboot, message me! 🙂

A couple tips for not over doing it on Thanksgiving. Go for small portions if you enjoy everything. I enjoy the pecan pie and sweet potato the most so I generally do smaller portions of everything else and take a little more of the things I love. I generally am all in for the wine but this year I will make up for the sweet wine and maybe try another dessert or two! 😉

So, also I know Black Friday is coming and I am not one of those people who goes out and shops because I can’t handle the madness. Although, I did do a little Target online shopping today from my phone and if you are a RedCard Holder (Debit or Credit, doesn’t matter which one) you get the deals before! Go check them out by clicking here.

If you need to sign up for a RedCard click here. I have the debit card that is directly linked to your checking account, which I love!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, all!

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