Morning routine change up/Pregnancy update

Ketone supplements, why you ask? They have changed my morning and day for the even better. I am such a must HAVE coffee, like, NEED COFFEE, for the taste and for the energy. My Keto pack I always was doing in the afternoon for a pick me up. But about a month ago I decided to push the coffee to the side for a week and do the Keto pack in the morning instead. Well, let me tell you, I haven’t went back, it’s changed my whole day. Energy for my workout: AMAZING! Mid morning lull: NON EXISTENT! Afternoon pick me up: I mean let’s be honest, I’m almost 39 weeks pregnant with a baby who doesn’t seem to have much room in there anymore, kicking all things, so there’s aches and pains and there’s also exhaustion that I don’t think can be helped! Good news though: looking forward to post baby keto packs too! I thought I would miss the taste of coffee right away in the morning but now I look forward to the cold or warm keto pack that makes a HUGE difference. If you need the coffee taste, there are flavors that you can most definitely add to a cup of decaf or even regular as long as your staying in the moderate caffeine intake. I still have 1 cup of coffee a day but that’s not generally until 11:30 or noon, which has been bizarre. So that’s a little bit more on WHY I love Pruvit ketones. To check out the flavors and all the benefits, click here.

Update on pregnancy. Like I said above, baby is very active, generally all over the place before I go to bed at night. I’ve still been sleeping 8-9 hours with generally 1-2 potty breaks. I really can’t complain. I’m anxious but mostly excited! I’m not nervous for labor, I like to think that when it starts I’m going to embrace it, I see no need to be scared or nervous because well, I know I’m in great hands and everything happens as it’s meant to. Looking forward to sharing with you all when this new bundle makes his or her debut! And, my next blog post I will share the rest of our maternity photo shoot session!

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