Into the New Year!

Does anyone have a goal they want to reach but you’re not sure where to start? I think the biggest misconception is that you completely have to change your life to lead a healthier lifestyle. By making small changes through your daily habits, it will make big changes to your health. Like for instance, switching from coffee with sugary cream to switching to a healthier option.   I’m a person who likes my coffee black but sometimes enjoys that cup of a sweeter option in the afternoon. Click here to check out what I use in my coffee! Click *Keto Kreme* once you get to my site.

Have you ever written down your food? When you eat, what you eat and how much you eat? That’s how we’ve found the most success. I designed a food and exercise journal that does just this; I’ve posted a picture below of a couple of my days. If you want to purchase a journal, click here.

So, as I mentioned in my New Year post I started a subscription of Hello Fresh. So far we’ve done three meals and I’m thoroughly impressed. Our order for this week came in yesterday and we tried one of the recipes and it was the BEST so far! It was called “Cheesy Mexican Beef and Rice Skillet”. There is a lot to some of the recipes but it’s a good a lot because it adds healthy ingredients like vegetables, fruits and spices that I wouldn’t always add into my recipes and on the positive side Mallorie has been eating while we’re prepping and cooking. So far she’s added red peppers and pineapple to her like list! The part I love the most is the time we spend together in the kitchen talking and listening to music. We got the Amazon Echo from our friends for Christmas so it has been quite entertaining for all of us to have Alexa play music! Mallorie gets a British like accent when she asks her to play something and Makenzie gets frustrated because she says “Awexa!” and sometimes she doesn’t stop and listen. Most of the time Makenzie’s request is “Awexa, baby shark, turn it up!”  If you want to get $40 off a Hello Fresh order, click here!

I also made this dip recipe this week, which was delicious. It’s a keto friendly recipe but everyone will love it:

4 tbsp acvocado
1 tbsp cream cheese
Sprinkle with some salt and pepper
Cut up some cucumber and put it on top or dip it
Simple but delicious!

Calories are for 1 whole cucumber with all of the dip

180 Cals, 14 Fat, 6 Net Carbs, 3 Protein

Have you had a good start to your new year? I’ve had quite a few particpants get one of my cleanse or detox options to kick the healthy habits into gear! If you’re interested in a 3, 5 or 10-day option, let me know!! I can ship anywhere or drop off if you’re in the Marquette area!

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