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We are adjusting to having two active girls and our baby boy! Right now, three has been a big adjustment, nothing bad, just a whole lot of busy! We’ve had interesting weather from the freezing polar vortex, an ice storm, to a snowstorm with SO MUCH SNOW, just wondering if it’s spring yet? The girls got a stomach bug two weeks ago and luckily that was the extent of it and now we seem to be in the clear!

So, life with Little Tucker. He’s been a great baby, he’s only upset when he needs something. I found out the hard way when we got home the difference between boys and girls and he peed on me our first night home so now when I change diapers, I make sure he’s always covered up! Mallorie and Makenzie have both adjusted well to being big sisters. Mallorie loves trying to soothe him and she just really cares, and it’s adorable. Makenzie is always concerned as to where he is and when I put him down in anything and she doesn’t see me do it, she comes back with “where dat baby go?” or “where baby Tucka?” Night time is when Makenzie has struggled a bit but has quickly become a major daddy’s girl for bed time. We’re all adjusting pretty well and we can’t imagine life without our little man! 🙂

Travis was featured in Word on the Street and it actually came out the morning Tucker was born and I was crying while reading it and it just reiterated how proud of him I am. He has literally taken me through each birth so amazingly, he knows me so well in those painful moments and it’s truly amazing. (Side note: I will share Tucker’s birth story in time but I want to spend time on each of the kids birth stories and share them all!) Travis amazes me everyday and is truly so dedicated to his work and family, he loves what he does and that is why he is so great at it! He works very hard and his dedication is admirable. I’m proud to be his wife, and his support system. We make a great team! Click here to read his straight talk with Bryan Cabell.

As far as post partum eating, I’m focusing on whole foods, and easy foods as sometimes it’s hard to prep food when you have a baby who needs to feed often. Breastfeeding can be tricky because right when you’re done feeding, I get crazy hungry so grabbing cheese is easy or nuts are a great go to! As far as workouts, I obviously haven’t been cleared to normal activity yet but I have been doing non weight bearing things to just move, also doing foam rolling and stretching, which feels good.

The company I promote with has come out with some new products that aren’t yet for sale. They now are offering KetoUp which is ketones in a can and it’s apple flavor. They are also offering MitoPlex which is upgraded electrolytes.

With that, as I use all of the Pruvit products daily and I’ve continued to use them throughout pregnancy and now on my postpartum journey. I’m currently doing one caffeine free Keto pack a day, one 143 MCT oil and one bone broth. I also want to tell you about another company I recently started using their products because well, I blogged a while back about replacing my coffee with one Keto Max charged(caffeinated) pack and it was a game changer for my morning but after about two months, I missed the coffee taste to start my morning. So, with that I decided to….switch over to caffeine free ketones AND add in Smart Coffee who a friend I follow on Instagram introduced me to. They have amazing products with what I’ve used so far. I LOVE coffee and great supplements of course!

These are the products they offer below. Click here to see descriptions, prices and ordering options! Any questions, let me know.

I hope all of you are having great results and success with your fitness and nutrition journey. Remember, it’s not always about if you’re doing it all completely 100%, it’s about if you’re making better choices to make your life better. Life throws many unexpected things at us and when we learn to adapt and still make better choices that is when we’re going to see those results. Did you do a little movement today? Did you make healthier choices today? If so, keep doing it. Life is what YOU make it. As always, thank you for following along and I always appreciate people reaching out saying they enjoy my blog or with questions. I’m no expert but I like to think I have a few things figured out!! Again, thank you for following along.

Here are all of our maternity pictures!

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