Real life//4 week measurements//

Some days are better than others. Some days I get to clean the whole house, enjoy my coffee warm, and get caught up on my “work.” Of course every day is spent playing with the kiddos, they’re my number one priority.

Other days are complete shit shows, meltdowns, bribery of a treat (to Makenzie) to come down the steps so we can get Mallorie to school on time. Getting her to get pants on, I won’t go on, a lot of you get it. The girl has a heart of gold but her world has been turned around and it’s taking some time to adjust. This too shall pass.

The newborn stage obviously is the most challenging as that is when they need you the most. I’m savoring every moment because as we know life passes by all too fast. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.

Mallorie, our big girl, 5 years old! I’m proud of her. She takes on a big roll and she is so understanding, she gets it and she helps out. She has her moments, but I think we all did at her age and for the most part she is a great kid. We’ve never had ONE issue with her at school for behavior and that makes us very proud. All kids tend to push their limits when mom and dad are around, of course. On Friday, we took all three kids to a sit down dinner and they all behaved so well!

Me? I’m not in survival mode, I’m positive, I’m blessed, why be stressed? (I rhyme too!) 😂
Travis and I have a system, support system, where we support each other and sometimes we disagree on how we should respond to the behavior issues or he gives in a little too easily but we always resolve our issues and we mostly agree and it works, and as a family, we are beyond happy!

My four week measurements were down by a total of 8 inches, and a total weight loss of 23 pounds from my last weigh in before I had Tucker to yesterday. Looking forward to this months results. Do you have any goals you’re looking to reach? I’m hoping to lose 8-10 pounds this month and more inches, of course.

Travis and four other participants will be participating in the March Keto Reboot again from this Sunday evening to Wednesday morning. Looking forward to guiding my participants.

What I’m looking forward to the most, honestly is getting cleared for normal activity this week! I’m so ready for a real workout and to sweat!

I hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. Goals: Stay on my program and move more, maybe even outside as the temperatures begin to rise. My ultimate goal is to lose another 100 pounds and become so active that the weight never finds me again. I plan to run again.

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