My personal 10 Day Keto Experience

For the past 10 days I did 2 Keto packets a day and I’m here to share my results. I lost 3 1/4 inches and 4 pounds. I ate my normal, mostly clean diet and I’ve posted picture results below. What have you got to lose?

A lot of people get conflicted when thinking about trying ketones because they think they have to be on the Keto diet. That is not the case, I am not strict Keto, I love myself a good beer and pizza every once in a while. Balance is key. (So excited for the release of O’beron (beer) on March 25, anyone else love O’beron?!)

Also, I’m still able to feed Tucker, and pump an extra 5-6oz per day!

Anyways, interested in trying a 10 day experience? Message me!!

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