Choices//You can do it//

Choices. Life is full of them. Everyday you make choices. Tuesday, for some reason I was in a funk. I can’t explain it, I just was. I had a normal day but I was just not feeling 100%. Things seem to be going completely wrong with everything. I just couldn’t focus completely on things I wanted to do so I just took a step back and chilled on the couch and focused on the moment. I was so exhausted. I chose to not stress after I got over the fact that I just couldn’t deal!

So, I fell asleep shortly after Tucker went down which was just around 9:45 and the next thing I knew I woke up at 4 and he was still sleeping so I went back to sleep. I got pretty much a full 8 hours of sleep(which was amazing!)Yesterday morning went pretty well, Makenzie is a challenge most mornings and I just embrace that now. It’s her, she’s going to work through her drama and I’ll guide her along the way.

Yesterday, was workout day. I had my eyelashes filled in morning after I dropped the girls off at preschool/daycare and Tucker spent some time with his “Gam” (Travis’ mom)

When I got back he was sleeping so I put workout shoes on and already had workout clothes on from this morning and got my workout done, showered and ready to go for the day and he was such a good boy and slept the whole time. As I was doing my workout there were things that I assumed in my head that I couldn’t do; certain moves including a one handed burpee, so then I was like just try it! And what do you know?? I DID IT! In that moment, I reminded myself and thought of this for others, we’re so guilty of saying we CAN’T and we haven’t even tried it. Today, I challenge you to try something you haven’t! Whether it’s a workout move, a new food or taking time to do something for yourself.

My mantra for the rest of March, you do not know unless you try!!

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