It’s important for us to do the things that make your mental and physical health align. I’m speaking from my own experiences and I’m not by any means saying this is true for everyone.

It’s crucial for me to take time for myself but also making sure I’m doing the proper thing when I do take that time. I’m guilty of doing all the things, that sometimes don’t give me that “time for yourself feel” and clear mindset I need.

One of them for me is, cleaning. I don’t dislike cleaning, I actually do enjoy cleaning but I’ve quickly realized with three kids and especially in the newborn breastfeeding stage(not complaining because breastfeeding comes so natural and easy to me and I love every second) it has to be done so often with the way we like it clean so we decided to have someone come in and do cleaning once a week until it’s completely caught up deeply cleaned and then maintain it at every other week, and of course I’ll fill in the cracks! Like I said, I don’t mind doing it but for how long it takes I have so much more I can focus on: the kids, adventures, my stay at home work gigs, workouts, cooking, baking, laundry, the list goes on.

Also something we have noticed lately is that when just one of us is around, Mallorie and Makenzie act great but when we’re both around and talking, they’re much more wild. And no we’re not just sitting on our phones, we’re engaging in conversation together and with them but they’re just whining and demanding attention, most of the time for nothing, anyone else have kiddos that do this? It’s not always. But Wednesday night, they were doing it so I brought Tucker upstairs and it was like they instantly stopped and were hanging out, playing and talking to Travis normal. Who knows 😂 This too shall pass. And actually coming back to this today and updating from last night we had a family dinner(steaks on the grill with asparagus, yummy!!) and the girls were well behaved and very obedient all evening, maybe it’s the routine?

Also, Sunday’s have been a great day for me to run and get in my mindset for our week ahead. I ran six miles at a 9:40 pace last Sunday pretty effortlessly so that’s exciting. Right now, my focus is mileage, consistent workouts and then the faster runs will come.

I hope you all are having a great end to March. April is approaching already!!! I can’t even believe it. The fourth month of the year is here just like that! Looking forward to crushing more goals. How about you?

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