Mental Clarity/Parenting/Spring Cleaning/April Goals/Dog Video

Never have I been okay with not working out every day when I was able to. Of course after I had the kids, I didn’t workout until I was cleared. But my focus was always you need to burn this amount of calories or else. Now, I plan my weeks. I focus on what I can control but don’t stress out like I used to and I have noticed big differences in my mental state for the better. My goal is four days a week now, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Saturday is my bonus day depending on what we’re doing that weekend. I used to stress so much and realized I over worked my body. Rest days are just as important as workout days. Things I can control; proper nutrition and that’s my focus on my off days.

Parenting has probably been my biggest challenge mentally and I know it’s always going to be. I try so hard to get the girls set the night before to get Mallorie to school but we still manage to take an hour to get out of the house. 😂 Makenzie honestly does not care if I say anything a million and one times, she changes her mind on dresses at least 3 times, socks are a daily struggle and her shoe options are too. Sometimes she even lays in the bed snuggled up and says, “ I can’t go, I’m too tired” yes, she’s cute but “we go to go!” And I know in time this will pass!

I don’t struggle with Mallorie on getting ready, she’s really great. She is just so sweet when she can tell I’m bothered by something.

I’ve been purging, throwing stuff out, giving stuff away and just organizing. Spring cleaning in full force here, I wouldn’t mind having a nice spring but let’s be honest, there’s snow in the forecast! 🤣

Goals wise, I’m plugging along with my fitness goals. I lost 6 pounds in March and 4 inches. I shared my month pictures below! Goals for April include about 8 pounds, more inches, of course! I have a “look goal” for my 30th Birthday, which is May 9! Stay tuned! 😉

Still doing two packs of ketones daily, I’m totally amazed at how those are shaping my mid section. I’m also doing the happy coffee daily and that has made a difference too, along with mostly clean eating, with the moderation approach.

Also, if you didn’t see my video, a dog jumped on my back when I was on the final hill of my run, I was about to share some motivational words, I think! 😂 I’m lucky it was a chocolate lab and not a wild animal! Click here for the video!

I’m eager to continue helping people reach goals. Accountability is a wonderful thing! We all start somewhere, right?

Happy Wednesday, friends!

March 4-April 4

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