Jenga Moments//Particular Kids//Goals & More

My daily text on Tuesday said, “errands, meal prep, Netflix. Life=lots of moving parts, Melodie—but you can keep it from toppling. Today, try a Jenga day.

Tuesday was a series of Jenga moments.

Kenzie demanded the same socks she wore Monday so that turned into me making a mental note that I need to go to Target and get her the same pack of socks because for some reason most of the socks she likes are MIA! But they didn’t have the same ones so I got something similar and guess what? “I don’t like them!” 🤦🏼‍♀️

We got to leave a little later because Mallorie had kindergarten screening but when we showed up, they said, “that’s next week..” Oops! Mallorie looked at me and said, “mom are you ok?”

“Yes, Mallie, I’m ok, just can’t believe I got the date wrong!”

She cutely says, “you have to admit though mom, it is kind of funny!” And she made me smile, because yes, it is funny and it’s better than being a week late!

I’ve been feeling really great lately with my nutrition, running and I stepped up my workouts last week on Wednesdays and Fridays, doing two workouts, one cardio HIIT workout and then weights at the Y. Travis has tried to get me in for a training session one of the days and that’s worked out so that’s been nice too! Last week my legs were sore for like three days. Love those types of workouts!

The rest of the week has been good! We had a couple nice days and we got to enjoy some outside time.

I’ve been intermittent fasting between 12-18 hours. My milk supply is even more plentiful and I’m pumping about 10 extra ounces a day! I’m basically eating all my calories between 10:30-11am to 6 or 7pm!

Tucker is doing well! And the girls are both doing well. We have our weekly routine and shake up the weekends! Overall, being a family of 5 plus two beagles and a turtle has been very busy and it keeps us on our toes!

Yesterday, neither Makenzie or Tucker would fall asleep so I loaded them up in the car and within 5 minutes both of them were out, just what I needed after all the crying and whining 😂 so I enjoyed myself a can of unicorn slam while aimlessly driving around!

I’m approaching my 12 week mark of my postpartum journey! I’m excited to share more results with you.

Need some encouragement, let me guide you! Message me on social media or send me an email

Have a fabulous Friday!

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