Organizing/New Routines/Journaling

Do you ever get in a mode to organize and complete tasks and it never seems to happen but then all of a sudden you find yourself doing it all at once?

My goal before school started was that I wanted to have all the girls and Tucker’s clothed organized and in order of what they could still wear and any of the stuff they wouldn’t be wearing where it needs to be. Mallorie clothes, we obviously are saving for Makenzie, but on that note, it’s so funny how different personalities can be, especially on clothes. Makenzie has so many of Mallorie’s hand me downs but wears the same 3-5 dresses. She also went to bed in a swimsuit top last night! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 We are giving Makenzie’s clothes to my niece and I’ve been giving some of Tucker’s clothes to my friend and then some to my sister to give to a co-worker who is having a boy in November!

I cannot believe how much Mallorie has grown either, she has grown out of clothes I bought her this spring! Tucker is the same way, I thought for sure he would be good in 6-9 month clothes but he’s already busting out of those and making his way into 9 month clothes.

So, anyway, Monday my goal was: organize the kids clothes. That then turned into organizing our closet and now I’m in an organizational mood and I’m loving it! Any good tips on how to KEEP things organized? I always seem to have to repeat the organizing every couple months!

My goal this week was also to get in a going to school routine. It’s pretty darn close to what we’re doing now except Mallorie will get on the bus and then Makenzie, Tucker and myself will go to the Y for around 8:30-8:45 and then I do my workout while Tucker is in tot watch from 9-10. Makenzie is going to start at three full days/week in preschool! Does anyone else get excited for new seasons and new routines? I love summer and the more laid back schedule but I also am really excited for a new schedule and for all things pumpkin spice and the change of clothes, too!

I am so proud, I am 4 weeks into journaling my food and I always feel like that keeps me so much more in check. Have you journaled your food before and have you seen better results? Let me know if you want to join in on journaling in September, I have journals available and have a group of people kicking off journaling post Labor Day! Journaling for me is just like organizing except I’m way better at journaling my food than I am at keeping closets organized! 🤣

Have a great Wednesday!

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