Hectic Days/Gym Workouts/Goals & More

Sometimes it’s SO overwhelming getting our life together in the morning. Getting three kids ready in the morning, dogs out, a cup of coffee in, stuff ready for everyone depending on the day. I make a point to get up early and get myself put together and my game plan/focus for the day together before the three little ones wake up. Newest added daily routine is reading positive affirmations in the morning and in the evening. That has made such a huge difference in my mindset and especially helping me fall asleep even better at night.

Makenzie goes three days a week to a preschool program 9-12, so we have two stops three days. For the most part, it’s a routine now and we have a pretty good flow. In the fall Mallorie will ride the bus, and Kenzie is starting preschool at the Y, so our fall routine will be a little less hectic than it’s been. Tucker is approaching 7 months old this month and I’m not sure how that even happened! It’s went by so fast. He’s such a go with the flow and happy little guy. He has four teeth and the top two are the cutest right now when he smiles. Melts my heart.

I didn’t do near as much leaving the house when I had the girls but I love it, I love being out and about. I also have found that I LOVE working out in the gym so much. At home workouts have their place but I prefer the gym atmosphere so much better. And the nice part is having tot watch available so I can bring the kiddos along. I love getting in a 45-60 minute uninterrupted workout.

Some days, when the girls are fighting and yelling, I’m like, “holy crap, stop!” But then as everyone was sleeping the other night, it dawned on me as I was reading positive affirmations, they grow up, they get less needy, so enjoy this now because when they’re all less needy I’m going to miss it! (Although, I think I’ll always have my biggest kid, Travis 😉 to take care of!) I’ll probably be sad I’m not needed as much so “embrace the moment” is my mantra. I saw a lady at the Y a couple weeks ago and when she saw me bringing both girls to the bathroom and with Tucker in his carrier, she said, I’ve been there, I had two girls 18 months apart and then a baby boy two years after the second girl. Now, mind you, Kenzie and Mallorie are almost three years apart, and Kenzie and Tucker are two but she said, believe it or not, it gets easier and then all of a sudden they’re gone. 😭😭 She said she was going to have four but was in her late 30’s so they didn’t. We don’t plan to have four but I do know that I feel lucky and blessed even when most of the time things get a little or a lot out of control. 😂

Also, if I had any advice for couples with kids, get a babysitter or have family watch them for date days/nights, extra workouts 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ and also having family or someone else you trust available to have your kids on overnights. We have a babysitter at least once a week and we try to do at least one night if not a weekend away from the kids once a month. It’s a crucial part of keeping your marriage strong because after all, that’s how the craziness all started, was between the two of you. I treasure my time with Travis but when we’re all home together it’s about us as a family and then we have our dates and some weekends when we can be just us!

My goals are going good. I’ve been focused on muscle groups in the gym and that has made a huge difference with my results. Much thanks to Travis for the sessions, programming,motivation but most of all the accountability! I’m looking forward to continuing with this journey of health and fitness. It’s always amazing to see what your body is capable of.

Need some guidance? Let me know, I’d love to help! As always, thanks for reading!

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