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So after a couple weeks of noticing I was having more complex carbs than I normally do. I generally am at 75 or less carbs a day. When I got my DNA test done, it was on my results, that I was carb sensitive so I know better than to go overboard but it still happens from time to time because we’re all human. The key is to dial back in when you feel those things start slipping away and you definitely notice it in your mental state because I tend to feel sluggish!

So, last week I decided to do a modified cleanse because I can’t do the one I’ve done in the past because I’m still breastfeeding, and that’s still going very well! I made modifications, basically it consists of two to three shakes and two meals/snacks. By Wednesday my energy was through the roof! By Wednesday evening and I say evening because I find that’s when most of us like to snack, I didn’t feel the urge to go into the pantry for the crackers or other high carb snacks so my cleanse did what I intended.

By Friday evening I had lost 3 pounds for the week and I was feeling really good! I’m by no means saying complex carbs are the evil or I never eat them, I just feel better without a lot of them! I just know that once I start reaching a certain amount of those types of carbs, I have a harder time stopping eating those and I tend to be even hungrier.

So last week I decided to record a podcast and I’m looking forward to recording more. I will link it at the bottom of this blog post! This one was about taking time for yourself. It’s so true how much we can push our goals to the side when we are moms and we are busy taking care of kids all day or if you work all day, you may not always feel like getting to the gym or doing the at home workout but taking that time for yourself makes you a better mom in my opinion! I used to be like, need to get in a quick workout and be done so I can focus on being a mom. But now with the flexibility of being able to have care at the Y to have my kids taken care of while I’m working out, I have fallen back in love with those 60 minute workouts. I’m not saying I still don’t do the quick HIIT workouts from time to time but I found my “peace” my “me” time again and I couldn’t be in a better physically but so much mentally.

Also, remembering you don’t have to workout every day to get results and those rest days are necessary. All of our journeys are so different and that’s what makes it so fun to help others. Not one of my plans for people are the exact same.

Update on Makenzie: when I dropped her off at school on Monday, she walked in and said, “tada, I’m here, do you like my sweatshirt? (to her teachers and friends) Bye mom, have a good day!” So that was a huge step in the positive direction! And this morning she once again did great at drop off. Just a reminder to us all that, when things get tough or emotionally hard, because it was so hard emotionally leaving her there crying and so upset but if I didn’t do it, she wouldn’t of transitioned and it literally only took two weeks. So this too shall pass!

Tucker is officially pulling himself up, he hasn’t mastered crawling yet but he gets himself across the floor in more of an army crawl. He is a biter, and can be told “not nice” and “do not bite” and he giggles. Thankfully, he isn’t biting me while nursing. He’s biting legs, arms, shoulders, which still hurts, so I’m hoping soon, that stops. He loves his baths and he splashes so much that you might as well have taken a bath too by the time he’s done!

Mallorie loves kindergarten, she’s just growing up so much. She is so adorable with following what’s going on in class and she comes home and does activities that she did in class. She said art is her favorite and I am not surprised because she is the one that always wants to do a craft.

I hope the first two days of October are off to a great start!

Click HERE to listen to my FIRST podcast!

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