Weekly Focus Goals//Weighing your food//Evening Snacking//Dinners this week//

Some weeks I’m a little more strict than others and I focus on various things.

This week I am focusing on:

No sweeteners/sweets—sometimes when I do coffee and heavy whipping cream I will put stevia in the raw in my coffee for a little extra but this week my goal was to do zero sweeteners. And sometimes I have a Diet Coke but honestly I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had pop, so I’m realizing it’s been pretty easy to let that go. I am also doing this because Makenzie turns THREE on Friday so there will be some sort of cake or cupcake enjoyed with her for sure! Weighing my food—I put my food scale out on the counter this week to weigh my chicken breast, nuts and other things that need to be weighed. I have gotten really good with eyeing things but this week I wanted to hone in a little more on the foods and make sure I’m logging properly. If you click the scale it will take you right to Target online to order or you will see what aisle it’s in at your local Target!

No evening snacking—I generally am always really good at this but it took me a while. I would be guilty of being so good throughout the day and being below my caloric intake and then I would be SO unbelievably hungry I wouldn’t be able to not eat so if I do get really hungry, like stomach growling hungry, not just because you’re bored or have a craving hungry, because we all know that’s most of the time the case, I generally mix up a shake with protein/water or have 2 tbsp of nuts. (Almonds, macadamia nuts or cashews) But now I focus on having my daily calories in by 6 or 7 pm!

I had a pretty tough evening to conquer on Sunday with the way I was feeling and letting negativity win but I can say I blasted through the negativity and this week has been great! Positive vibes for the win!

Dinners this week have included:
Chicken Breast(I bought 5 lbs and cooked it all so it is readily available to make whatever it is I’m feeling like)

Monday: 4oz Chicken Breast with 1tbsp Bleu Cheese and 1 C. steamed broccoli 🥦

Tuesday: 4oz chicken breast with 1tbsp mustard and 1 C. steamed broccoli

I also made a chicken Cesar salad for Travis for dinner and lunches this week:
8oz chicken breast
2 tbsp Cesar dressing
1/4 C shredded cheddar jack cheese
Pepper on top

4oz steak
Asparagus with olive oil, salt, pepper and Parmesan cheese cooked in the oven at 425 for 15 mins

I hope your week is going well so far! As always, I hope you are making better choices and you are moving in the right direction to reach those goals. As always, thanks for following along and if you need any guidance or have questions don’t hesitate to reach out! You can easily reach our by filling out the contact page by clicking here.

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