Chaotic Morning//Workout//Regaining Focus//Soup Recipe//

Today began with a whole lot of chaos, I was trying to get my printer to print a couple pages I needed this morning. It wasn’t cooperating, I couldn’t figure out how to print from my phone since my computer kept saying “printer not responding” all while that was happening, my computer then died and I couldn’t find my charger. Finally found it after about 10 minutes of looking and also realized I was connected to the wrong printer so I got the pages I needed. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

I became stressed and frantic. I kept telling myself to breath but my mind kept going to the negative. While all this was going on, Tucker was getting tired because he woke up at 6:30 today ready to play so then by 8 he wanted a nap so he was getting cranky. Makenzie was nagging at me about what she was wearing and she always wants a specific dress but then ends up wearing what we originally picked the night before.

Mallorie needs no help in the morning getting dressed, brushing hair, teeth and getting her back pack set. It seriously has made a huge difference with our time schedule and I’m completely grateful for that but it’s also bittersweet because she is growing up so fast.

Mallorie got on the bus, before we went to the Y for my workout I had to stop at the eye doctor to pick up a contact because I’m having issues with the brand of contacts I’m wearing in my left eye. I couldn’t find my car keys but I knew I had them because the car was started so I was searching in every bag only to find them about 5 minutes later on the seat.

We got to the Y, and after I dropped Makenzie and Tucker in tot watch, I immediately went to the stair climber and busted out 10 minutes of complete cardio to sweat, get my heart rate up and just breath.

I then went into workout, which I’m going to share with you

Round 1:

Kettlebell squats with a press

Medicine Ball walking lunges (push medicine ball up and when you do each lunge)

ladder push ups or regular push ups

Repeat the round 3 times total, going from

14, 12, 10 reps

Round 2:

Squats with a bar, plate or body weight

Kettlebell step through lunges

Kettlebell shoulder press

Repeat the round 3 times total, going from

14, 12, 10 reps

I finished with a 15 minute stair climber workout with someone on the FitRadio App

The perfect workout to get my mind set out of the gutter and onto positive thinking. For me, it’s not always about how much weight or how hard I push myself, for me some days it’s because I need that hour to regain my focus. I don’t want my kids to see me mad for silly reasons. My focus is and always will be to make sure they know they are loved, taken care of but in order to make sure they are, I need my me time to ensure I am leading by example and being the best version of myself. Today was no joke, it seemed like the whole day was going to just be problem after problem. But after my workout, I was able to get back into that positive mind set. Now I have food cooking to keep our nutrition in check this week, Tucker is napping, Makenzie is playing with her barbies and I’m doing some work! Beautiful balance. I’m sure there will be plenty more crazy moments as there is everyday but now I feel more focused and ready to handle situations!

On another note, the girls and Tucker stayed overnight at my sisters this weekend and Tucker is back to biting me. Bites my arms, my stomach, he was on the floor crawling around today and he bit my toe even. I am not sure what my best option is discipline him as he is so little. He is getting more teeth, his 5th tooth is through and his 6th one is close to breaking through. I give him stuff to chew and that hasn’t seemed to help. I thought maybe that was his way of punishing me for leaving him! Any advice would be appreciated!

I made Chicken Fajita Soup today, click here for the recipe.

As always, thanks for following along. I always get such positive feedback and I appreciate you all for following along!

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