Grateful/My Food Sensitivity Results/Changes & More

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and felt grateful. Yesterday I encountered various people I follow on social media being rude and calling people “idiots” or “stupid” and I just have to say I’m thoroughly surprised at how people can be so rude and say obscene things about people. You know, a lot of people are trying so hard to be better and then there are people who try to take them down. Just be kind, be grateful and most of all respect others.

I got my food sensitivity test results back on Tuesday and I found out I’m highly sensitive to egg whites. I actually cut out eggs almost completely two months ago because I would have stomach discomfort almost instantly after that would last a last all day. But now I’m quickly realizing I was doing other things that had eggs in the ingredients. With Holiday baking coming up, I was researching how to replace eggs in recipes and it says applesauce. My fellow bakers, is that true? I also am moderately sensitive to the yolk so cutting out the complete egg is what I’m doing.

Other items on my list are:

Barley, chicken, coconut, garlic, kelp, rye, tuna and wheat. Now most of these were at 20-25 and my egg white sensitivity was at 109.

Kelp was the second highest coming in at 46. Interestingly enough the fruits and greens powder I was taking had kelp in it and I cut that out last week and replaced my fruits and greens shake with the Plant Paradox green smoothie. So, I talked about in my blog post last week how I cut out heavy whipping cream and high fat cheeses. I did replace my tbsp of heavy whipping cream with almond milk creamer but I realized when I got my results back there is Coconut Cream in my creamer so I will be going to dairy creamer again as it turns out I’m sensitive to coconut products and not dairy at all. So, these last couple days have been a lot of reading labels. One huge thing I have to say is, if you can buy organic, do so. In the organic chicken broth there was only three ingredients and in the off brand there was TEN.

These last couple days have been so eye opening on how much I was eating that had my sensitivity foods in it. It really helps when you have someone (Travis) who is willing to help with these changes and give ideas to make the necessary changes.

With Thanksgiving yesterday I had turkey, mashed potatoes and then we made a homemade stuffing with sausage, celery, (eggs, but we substituted with homemade applesauce) and spices as well. It turned out super tasty. I opted out of the pies because of the egg ingredients but I had some chocolate mousse for dessert.

We had a great day with family and we ended up having to go out and buy a new Christmas tree for our dining room. We’re planning to go pick out our real tree this weekend!

If anyone has any egg free Holiday recipes they’d like to send my way, please do!

As always, thanks for following along! And if you’re interested in doing the Everly Food Sensitivity test, follow the link here and use code BESTSALE for 25% OFF and let me know if you’re doing it so we can talk about your results when you get them!

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