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So, in the past month and a half or so I actually have really had to own in on my nutrition, as far as what “healthy” foods I was putting in based on the choices I was making. For the past three years or so I implemented heavy whipping cream in and really had no issues. I had Tucker and it seems like with each kid, moms may hear me on this one, I know friends who have dealt with the same types of things. But, you develop food sensitivities after, I just think it comes down to hormones and I haven’t researched too much on this so it’s just me making the assumption that this is probably the case, so, I started having more issues like I said in the past month and a half and things were just not feeling right, my stomach was upset and bloated so I had to do the pull away foods “method” to see what foods were basically making the bowel issues. I actually switched the long chain lactose foods(thanks to Travis’ knowledge) which are you know higher fat so heavy whipping cream and whole fat cheeses was what I took out and I noticed a huge difference right away and then I was also doing a fruits and greens shake with ketogenic shake powder and I also took that out because of the high fats. I initially didn’t take the fruits and greens out until this week when I started implementing the green smoothie from the plant paradox book(for the recipe click here) and I’m not even kidding my bowels and stomach have been the best yet.

Until last night when I got a salad(the good choice) and I ate a couple sweet potato fries from Makenzie’s burger meal and I have had a severe allergic reaction to brussels sprouts, which I love, since I’ve had Tucker I had a severe allergic reaction this summer where my throat was itchy, I got hives and the sweats when I ate like 10 brussel sprouts and last night as soon as I ate like five sweet potato fries, I got severe heartburn my throat was itchy right away and I felt like I was burping up Brussels sprouts and Travis said they most likely deep fry the brussels sprouts in the same oil(duh!) so that makes sense. I just have had to be careful with choices and options and usually salads are my go to when eating out.

My DNA states that I am not lactose intolerant and so that was my claim to Travis when he suggested to cut out the heavy whipping cream and high fat cheeses and he said but yes, but you’re eating all high fat type, it’s not the lactose part of it(again, thanks Travis for the knowledge) I’m guilty of not always listening but he’s generally always right (that was really hard for me to type, LOL!) So what I do is if I want creamer in my coffee when I am done fasting, I put almond milk creamer in and I actually have liked that better, and so has my stomach. I completely took out the cheese and have replaced that with Brazilian nuts(high in selenium) because in my DNA it states I need more selenium which Brazilian nuts have. I recently took a food sensitivity test as well and I’m waiting for the results to come back on that so I will definitely be sharing when I get those results!

Just another fun fact after having babies, during my pregnancies with both girls my shoe size went up a little more than a half size. I started at a 6.5 and by the time Makenzie was born I was a size 8 and I stayed a size 8, now after having Tucker, my foot is actually back down to a 6.5. Hormones and pregnancy is crazy and no joke but I wouldn’t trade any of it for my babies.

Just a reminder, don’t be afraid to ask questions, get the knowledge from people you need and don’t be afraid to talk about the things like bowel movements and other things because at the end of the day being healthy is what matters.

Also, I want to say, I was so swollen last night through this morning, I weighed myself this morning and I was up 4 pounds and so I’ve just been drinking water, had 2 cups of coffee and then my ketones and more water and I have been going pee pretty much nonstop but I had to weigh myself before leaving my workout at the Y and I was already back down 3 pounds, I know it’s not a huge deal about the weight, but it just goes to show when you have those inflammatory foods you should not have, it takes a toll on us, so that is why it is so important to make sure we are taking care of our bodies and putting in the proper foods 80-90% of the time. But, thankfully, my bowels and stomach feel fine, because of how fast I am back on track!

Also, another thing to keep in mind. It is Friday and a lot of times I think when people do a great job during the week on their nutrition and then they come to the weekend, a lot of times (me being one of these people before, but not anymore!!!) We tend to over eat or over drink beginning on Friday night and it lasts for the whole weekend! Try to stay more in realm with your food and drink choices, if you like to have fish fry, share with someone or have half, if you like to have drinks, try having 1-2 instead of 5-6. Making small changes like this will benefit your long term health!

As always, thanks for following along! And As always, if you have any questions or would like some guidance, just reach out.

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