January//Supplements//Embrace your Journey//

January is officially more than half way over and I’m doing well! Life is busy, but busy in a good way!

So, I’ve been journaling my food for all of January so far. It’s going great and I always reiterate how much it’s necessary to do a couple times a year. Whether it’s for weight loss, weight gain, or finding what types of foods make you feel a certain way. I sell my food journal on http://www.tmfitnessmqt.com

I wanted to talk about supplementation as well. Supplements can be scary. I used to be so nervous to take anything more than a prenatal and protein powder. You have to do your research and there’s so much out there, good and bad. I recently streamlined my tmfitnessmqt website so before you decide to buy supplements, I would like to have a consultation with you because everyone’s journey is so customized. We will design what your best options are and we can go from there. All you have to do is text or call me, 906-281-0493 or we can meet in person. I am selling Top Trainer Supplements and you can also purchase Gundry MD products(which are from the Doctor who wrote the Plant Paradox book I read) I would love to guide you on your supplementation journey! Most supplements can be shipped, picked up, or local drop off. You can click for more info to be directed to the sites that I get supplements from if you want to read more info on your own as well on the from the homepage of my website, tmfitnessmqt.com. You CAN place an order if you’d like from the links on the site as well, totally up to you! But always reach out with any questions or concerns!

Also, I have a direct link to my Pruvit website products which is all things ketones. I have those available for sale and shipping and that’s something you can text or message me about as well, but you can purchase them via my Pruvit website and I recommend those for almost anyone! The Pruvit website has so much science and helpful information, too! Here is the link to that website. http://www.melodiealexander.shopketo.com

I am feeling like I am still am holding on to weight in my triceps and abdomen but I’m working on it and the journaling is helping a lot. I’m happy with what I’ve done since starting my workout/nutrition goals after being cleared to workout after having Tucker. Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves and this past week I really had to step back and appreciate my journey. I was getting down on myself for the scale not moving down fast enough and not appreciating the way I look. Then I look back on each journey with each kid and I’m very appreciative and need to remember, I have birthed three babies and each journey has been different getting my body back to what I feel good at. The biggest move forward has been my mentality. I’m in such a great place mentally as well, and that makes a huge difference. I’m going to say it again, taking that time for yourself is KEY!!

As always, if you need some guidance in regards to ANYTHING, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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