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Reaching your goals and having success isn’t just about making sure you’re eating in your calorie budget and working out daily. Our bodies are so resilient but yet so very sensitive as well. Nourishing our mind, body and soul is necessary for complete success in all aspects of our life.

Challenge creates change is something I always say. But it’s true. If you don’t challenge yourself, there won’t be any change. Whether the challenge is to meditate for a half hour a day to get your mind in a better place, working out for 30 mins, or making better choices to aid in leading a healthy lifestyle. It is challenging because the “easy” route of complaining, saying you don’t have time or a fast food option is always easier. But the easy route doesn’t give you the cup full feeling!

Take this week to make better choices in the right direction. You don’t always have to enable yourself to feel like you need to be 100% ALL THE TIME. It’s not realistic. But you can keep yourself more accountable by having someone there to guide you or to choose to make healthy changes.

This is my after Christmas/New Year photo vs Friday. Obviously, I’m a little bit more tan due to a spray tan but I’m feeling great and this last week I really pushed my weights up in the gym. When life throws you curveballs, and trust me, I had plenty last week, there’s ONE thing I am in control of and that’s my workouts and nutrition. I’m not going to lie, Thursday, I fasted until noon and basically ate from 12-3 and then didn’t eat again until 715, but I stayed within my calorie zone and ended up feeling like a beast on Friday and very flat and no bloating. I totaled about 175 carbs and I fasted on Friday until about 3:30. I’m just trying to get across that you’re going to have days where you eat more or slip up and that it’s OKAY, just focus on making adjustments to enable your success. As always, I’d love to help guide you or if you have any questions, reach out.

So, tomorrow my baby boy Tucker is going to be ONE! I’ll never forget his entrance into the world at lightning speed! IT’S a BOY in Travis’ voice and the instant tears we both had because well, we would of been happy either way but I’m so lucky to have a baby boy because there’s just something about that little babe. As I reflect on the past year, I can say a couple things as a mom of 3. It can be trying, it can be stressful some days but it is so damn worth it. The way they blossom, the way they need you, each stage is so neat and we are beyond lucky.

I hope you all had a great weekend and make Monday great!!

As always, thanks for following along! I think we have all definitely been reminded since yesterday with the death of a great icon along with the lives of others, don’t take any moments for granted. Live everyday to the fullest, because nothing is ever guaranteed.

“If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will.” -Kobe Bryant

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