Clean Eating//Detox//Motivation & More

Last week was all about staying clean and on track. Saving a glass of wine/beer(or a couple) for the weekend. It was time to focus in a bit more, again. My workouts have stayed consistent but there were some extra carbs I was having in the evening and if anyone remembers, I’m very carb sensitive. So, I just had some bloating I knew I needed to tackle.

I did the three day green smoothie(Gundry, MD) for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then I implemented my normal shake with two meals of meat/veggies and then nuts for a snack if I got too hungry. I will share my results below, as far as inches gone down and pictures of my results.

I also have been doing three packs of ketones a day(up one from my normal two) just for ten days. Ketones are a huge mood booster in the morning for me and really level me out(even better than coffee) but I still love my coffee!

We’ve gotten into more of a flow through this time, Mallorie had online school activities start last week and she did a really great job with them and we’re trying to take time for myself or Travis to spend more time with her to be one on one for activities too. It’s also crucial to get them outside to blow off some steam! We do notice that doing her activities in the earlier part of the day is definitely crucial because she is more interested at those times. I keep reminding myself that we can only do what we can and we can’t let it stress us out when we don’t always get to a ton. Because each day is so different and each kids needs change from day to day and we still need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves.

My motivation is always there for a workout and I feel like I’m in a good flow of my workouts at home, again! I do enjoy when I can get them done while Travis has a little time for me to just solely get it done!

Tucker has taken four-five steps at a time and loves to climb on everything. Kenzie tends to knock him over or hug him when he stands up. I don’t think it’ll be long now until he’s walking, he does need a haircut, but I’m just not ready! It’s hard to believe we’ve been home for 46 days. It definitely hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve gotten into a pretty good routine. I’m just more excited to get out and go see family and friends, go on a date, be able to walk around stores and go have a beer and dinner in a restaurant AND go on a trip with my kids or without my kids. There’s so much we take for granted and I’m never ever going to take those things for granted, ever again!

Here are my results. This was from Monday morning to Friday morning. Overall I lost 4 inches and 2 of that was from my waist!

Here is link to the recipe for the green smoothie, if you have any questions, feel free to message me!

As always, thanks for following along!

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