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Happy Friday, everyone! Today I wanted to touch on how we can stay in control of our health if we just put forth effort daily to make better choices and get moving when we can.

Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand when done properly. And as always there is no one size fits all approach. We all have different goals, approaches that work and systems that keep us accountable and moving forward with success. When I was running this morning, I was thinking about how great it would be if we could share, promote and help others more about how to improve our immune systems and promote a healthier lifestyle. So many preventable issues just get fixed with a prescription drug and the problem is just masked. And this is by no means me saying that there isn’t a need for prescription drugs, because modern medicine is very amazing when needed! I’m curious how many people take vitamins and supplements to aid in their health? I’d love to get you setup with a personalized regimen to aid with keeping your immune system healthy. I’m talking about the things we can do to aid in keeping our immune systems healthy and our bodies as healthy as possible. Also, how is your sleep? That’s a huge factor in our bodies overall health as well. Taking the necessary steps for our health is so important.

I am officially 25 days in with no alcohol. My first goal is 30 days, but I have no intention to add it back in after 30 as of right now. I think what I noticed most through all of what is going on in the world is that it was so easy (for me) to have a couple drinks in the evening a couple times a week and now I just feel like I have 110% more energy for my workouts, to focus more on my nutrition and after a long day or the stressors of being a mom to 3, my stress relief isn’t having a glass or two of wine or a beer. I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts or watching a mom show when they’re sleeping. 😉 I do think it’s really important to note that I’m not 100% perfect every week and that is where balance comes in. I make sure I’m in check but I also do have higher carb days and I tend to balance my approach with a higher carb day followed by two lower carb then a higher carb day. I stay right around 75 carbs on my high carb day just because I am carb sensitive but like I always say, some people may have a lot more carbs and that’s why I can’t stress enough that each person has a different approach and there is no one size fits all approach to live a healthy lifestyle. I do not use the word diet, because I don’t ever intend to diet, I intend to continue to live a healthy balanced lifestyle!

So, my challenge to you is. Make small changes this weekend. Take a walk/jog, a hike, make a healthier choice, learn about supplements to aid in your immune system, read a book instead of scrolling through Facebook(as we know how painful that is these days) Do something for YOU! And as always, if you need some guidance, reach out, I’d love to help!

Thanks for following along! Enjoy the weekend!

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