60 Hour Reboot//Control Cravings//Make a Change//Be your best self through crazy times//

Here it is, another Friday and many of you may have listened to our podcast the other day we posted about our 60 hour fast.

I want to give my complete perspective as well and also share information on the 60 hour keto reboot. There are so many questions asked and one of the main ones is:

Do you have to be on a keto diet to do the fast or even all of the ketones products?

No—it is not necessary. The products still aid with the fat burning, more energy, put you into ketosis within 60 minutes of a keto supplement, aid with brain fog and much more. The 60 hour reboot will reset your metabolism by reprogramming your genes to run on fat for fuel. Here are what is expected to happen during the reboot:

Maximize Energy: ENERGY is has been through the roof for me and I intend to hopefully continue to do the Reboot monthly.

Stay Accountable: The way Pruvit(the company who sells the Reboot) delivers the process is top notch. All science based info. They have groups and doctors who speak through the days of going through the reboot to make sure you’re staying on track. Also, it helps to have someone, friend, spouse, family member do it with you so that you can keep in touch and in those moments of weakness, it helps immensely!

Control Cravings: This has been HUGE! In those moments of hunger when I thought when I was able to eat again, I’d want complex carbs but then once the reboot has been over…I have had all whole foods, fish, steaks, veggies, nuts, protein shakes AND that is what I continue to crave! From Sunday-Wednesday morning I lost 4 pounds and then to today I lost a total of 6 pounds for the week and a total of 4.5 inches for the week.

Protect Lean Muscle Mass: Seriously, you can feel this. I feel so much more solid and my body has shaped so great this whole week. My workouts have felt better than ever! Sticking with the lower carb has been crucial. The inflammation is GONE!

Another concern I’ve gotten is, well, when I do a cleanse or detox, once I finish, I just binge and eat more and then I gain even more weight after. THIS will not make that happen, like I said, I have no cravings for bad food. This reboot did exactly what the science says it will, and I can’t promote this enough.

Like I said though, it will challenge you. My mornings until about 4:30 PM were fine and then the evenings when I was making the kids food would get tough but each day I pushed through and was able to go 66 hours of fasting.

If you’re interested in the science behind it more, click here to see videos and info on it. Since this blog post has become so long, I will touch base on what is recommended post reboot.

I also think with everything going in our nation. It’s important to be doing all the things that are going to keep us healthy. Sadly, I think a lot of people aren’t moving and eating healthy because there is so much more anxiety and stress(that’s a given). Like, I said in one of my blog posts, I got into the funk as well for a bit and it was starting to take over and be easier to make not the healthiest choices. I just want to let you all know that we’re all human at the end of the day and with the proper guidance and help, you can overcome anything and start living healthier and I’d love to help. Seeing alcohol sales way up through all this has been such an eye opener for me as well. Alcohol in itself can give you anxiety and affect your immune system. It’s so important to do your best with nutrition and exercise. I’m obviously not saying never drink alcohol or have a not the best choice food option but what has been proven is that, people aren’t just having the recommended 1-2 drinks or the one serving of the unhealthy option once a week, it’s way more and a lot of people’s daily habits. I want to help more people get on the right track as we are in a pandemic where we’re seeing healthy individuals having very minor symptoms and the vulnerable with compromised immune systems taking the virus much worse. Ask yourself….am I doing myself good by making better choices and at least moving and getting my heart rate up 3 days a week? As always, like I say every time, I understand that there is never a one size fits all approach. I am always eager and ready to help personalize each individual on your journey. We all start somewhere. Don’t have the mindset where you will never change or be able to make better choices, because YOU CAN! Let’s make the last almost two months of the year your best yet for your wellness! Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is well! If you need advice, support or an accountability partner, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Happy Friday and weekend!

Monday AM on the left to Wednesday AM on the right

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