Staying on track before the Holidays//Ketones//Skin Health//Your Goals//Be your best version//

As the Holiday season approaches, some people decide they will wait until the New Year to make a change to lead a healthier lifestyle. My biggest advice to people is start right away. Don’t wait until a Sunday or Monday. Start when you can, because you have opportunities to make changes daily.

Leading up to Thanksgiving I always promote the Keto Reboot(do not have to eat a Keto diet to do this) because it resets your metabolism and helps aid with the cravings that are present with the Holiday season. As always, I’m not saying to not have any at all because you can have that one piece of pie or have a bigger plate of food but it’s all about how you prepare before and after Thanksgiving that is going to be the end result of success. Why not be healthier before the New Year? 2020 has been interesting, why not go for some goals before 2021 kicks off. Here is the science on the reboot and the page to order or I do have some in stock to ship or drop off if you’re interested in giving it a try. If the 60 hour fast (reboot) doesn’t seem feasible for you, there is another great option. The 10 day drink ketones challenge. What is it? You drink 2 packets of ketones a day (one in the morning, one mid afternoon to evening) and eat balanced and healthy meals through the day. Check out more information here. You also get a complete daily guide to follow which makes the approach so feasible. These supplements not only aid with fat loss but also aid with mental clarity, reduce cravings and taste great!

I want to say too, it’s so important that we make healthy choices on what we put in our mouths but it’s also crucial to be aware of what we’re putting on our skin as well. I’ve always opted for more natural products but sometimes didn’t pay close enough attention to what I was using. I recently started using more skincare products for my face as well and had ordered some things in the past but decided it was time to really step up my skin care game and with winter approaching I’m excited to see the difference with these products. I have followed Beauty Counter very closely and decided to become a consultant because well for one, I need the skin care products and also because it goes hand in hand with what I do. Fitness, nutrition, supplements is what I’ve really honed in on but it was time for me to really get serious and make a choice on what I’m putting on my skin. There are so many options to choose from but I am using the product line Countermatch and I am loving it. I also have samples of it and if you’re interested in trying it for yourself, message me, I’ll send or drop off a sample pack! Check out the site by clicking here. Below you will find the NEVER LIST of ingredients that should not be in your products.. Being more aware with these ingredients is crucial.

I hope everyone is doing well and I always like to remind everyone that all of our wellness journeys are different. There is not a one size fit approach and especially to all my women followers and moms, DO NOT compare yourself to others. You are capable of reaching your goals and they are just that, they are YOUR goals. It’s great to have inspiration but your journey is still your journey. As always, I’m here for support and guidance. Let’s shoot for some goals to finish off 2020!!

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