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Happy Wednesday!

It is such a crucial time to continue taking care of ourselves and we should feel fortunate when we are healthy but we should also be doing all the right things to keep ourselves healthy and to better benefit our immune system. Maybe sometimes I sound like a broken record but our health should matter always but sometimes it takes something to get you into that mindset of conquering goals and making better choices.

If you’re thinking of changing your lifestyle to become healthier. Don’t wait, stop waiting. Change now. Don’t wait for a “diet” or a “program” kicking off on a Sunday or Monday. Following certain “diets” or programs will work but ONLY if it’s something you can sustain long term or if you can do the program and then decide that, that is the lifestyle you are going to stick with. That’s why I like to use a consistent, realistic and sustainable approach! Meaning? Make mostly good food choices, if there’s certain foods that are triggers, meaning if you can’t just have a slice or a piece of something without eating too much, then take it out until you can find that control. Sometimes, my clients find that they don’t actually need the sweets anymore once you are giving your body all the right nutrients it needs and if they do, they only have the portion and they are satisfied.

Also, another suggestion I always make is, if you are absolutely craving something and know that’s what you want. 9/10 the end result is we try and fill the void with a lot of other options and you end up over eating. I always say, if you have the control to have a small bag of chips or one slice of cheesecake, HAVE that. Don’t buy a huge bag of chips or a whole cheesecake. But have that if that’s what you want. But, if you know you have a piece of something and it will start you on a spiral of bad choices, don’t do it. Fill your body with the healthier options. Don’t let yourself get extremely hungry and stick to a plan/lifestyle that works for you. I’m sure you have heard calories are calories, and yes they are but it really matters what you are putting in your body. We don’t need 100’s of complex carbohydrates and sugar, we don’t need inflammatory foods and we most definitely don’t need processed foods. If you need guidance or a meal plan suggestion for whole food and better options, get in touch. I have plans readily available to make sure you are doing all things necessary to keep your health in check. Also, great Christmas presents to others or yourself this year are initial consultations with a health/wellness professional, food sensitivity tests, and more. If you are in need of gift ideas from food options, wellness plans, nutrition plans, skincare regimens, (clean and safe) get in touch, I can help and lead you in the right direction!

We are in the last month of 2020. Let’s hope 2021 isn’t as much of a rollercoaster. It’s a great time to write down goals. Health/Wellness related but also financial, routine goals and anything else to get you on the right track. Planning helps to get you on track. I use a planner to list my most important tasks to complete, I have my weekly appointments and clients planned out. It really keeps me in check and of course there’s always room to make changes but it’s nice to stick to somewhat of a schedule.

I am so excited as well! I kicked of Sunday virtual workouts. It’s a zoom workout and it’s been so fun. Cost is $10/class or $85 for a 10 class pass(Paid in Full) for a savings of $15! It’s for all fitness levels as I always show options and doesn’t require equipment, only optional. If you’re interested, send me a message and I’d love to get you in! It’s been a really great way to kick off Sunday and to go into Monday with a positive mindset and energy!

Stay healthy!

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