Hello Again//Fall Goals//Recipe//Protein Goals//

It has been a WHILE! It’s hard to believe Fall is already approaching and we begin a new school year with a new routine.

Both boys are doing so well. Tanner has adjusted to home life so well and we couldn’t be happier as to how well he is doing.

Mallorie is headed to third grade, Makenzie to kindergarten and Tucker is starting preschool.

We definitely have been enjoying the Summer and have had plenty of fun in the sun and family time with being home not having to travel to Ann Arbor every week has definitely made us appreciate our time together. Life is good!

As we get into a new Fall routine, I always like to tell people it’s a great time to reflect and reevaluate your goals for the upcoming months. Are you leading a mostly healthy lifestyle or could you afford to make some changes? Checking in with someone for measurements and numbers is crucial for making sure you are staying on the right track. At TM Fitness we’d love to help guide you in the right direction for all of your fitness goals to finish 2022 strong!

Small changes add up to big results! Don’t let another month go by where you are feeling discouraged about your fitness and nutrition goals!

As always, thanks for following along!

Here is my banana protein peanut butter smoothie recipe from this morning

2 Cups water


Splash of almond milk

1/2 Banana

1 tbsp PB2

2 scoops top trainer grass fed whey protein

Blend & enjoy!

300 calories

48 G protein

16 net carbs

5 g fat

Did you know when our bodies need protein, we trigger a response and our bodies think we need energy so we crave carbs but really your protein intake is probably lacking? Curious to know where your daily protein and other macros should be at? Message me for more info!

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