Do you have goals?//Ensure Success//Be your best self//

Happy Monday! l’ve got a goals, do you? I know what my body feels most comfortable at and where I mentally and physically feel my best at. Weight loss is still my current goal and once I get to my goal with my weight I continue to tone and push towards my fitness/nutrition maintenance goals. Being honest with my numbers and the scale doesn’t mess with my success, it holds me accountable. There are many ways to gauge how you are doing from a health standpoint and the way you go about your fitness and nutrition goals is not a one size fits approach, it should always be personalized of course! What I can tell you is that I will always guide you with what approach works best for you all while being honest with your accountability. It doesn’t have to be obsessive scale weighing but we do like a baseline. And obviously weighing yourself in the same outfit and the same time each week is strongly recommended. And with all of our monthly measuring of body fat and measurements we can tell what your body is doing with the muscle vs fat ratio.

How do I ensure my success? Journaling. I journal not only to calculate my macros and see where I’m at on the percentage of what I’m eating. I don’t do it 24/7, 365 days a year but when I have a goal or just want to be more in control. I do it. That’s the approach that works for me and I like it. Journaling for me also guides me to see if there are any issues during my weeks where I’m more bloated or gassy or certain foods trigger making poor choices. I do it to see my timing of eating as well which is huge for success. Journaling isn’t just about macros. It’s so much more.

Life is full of unexpected things happening you can’t always control BUT making sure you’re leading a balanced lifestyle should be a priority. We’re all built differently and our bodies change as we get older and have kids etc. My goals alone for being and staying healthy is first off for myself because I know when I feel my best but also for my family. I have a lot little eyes looking up to me and instilling those healthy habits both nutritionally and physically are so beneficial to young children. And I want to be around for all of their big milestones in life!

Personal fitness goals are just that. PERSONAL. And they belong to YOU!

If you want to train for marathons, if you want to lose weight, if you want to just feel better and improve your overall health, all our goals to be proud of. Our team and myself are here to help you with those goals, and our accountability to make sure you achieve those goals!

I hope you’re having a great Monday and I hope you’ve been able to make a good health choice to better yourself.

As always, thanks for following along!

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