Post Baby Body

With the upcoming arrival of Baby Alexander #3 coming, of course being the person I am, one of the most exciting things about the journey is the post baby body and getting back into pre baby shape. I understand that there’s always this stigma about moms who look good “too soon” or she just “bounced back” but I am confident that moms probably don’t feel that they just bounce back (at least I don’t) and that they may just appear that way. There are so many changes that happen from the beginning to end of your pregnancy and beyond and it’s a truly amazing experience.

First off, I think there is such a misconception on what moms “should” do. As a mom who has breastfed both girls, Mallorie was beyond two and Makenzie was a couple months shy of her 2nd birthday. Your body doesn’t really belong solely to you for all that time and if you’re wanting to get back into shape and make sure you’re still nourishing your baby, that is key. Here’s what I do know. Just because you’re pregnant or breastfeeding it doesn’t mean it’s a free for all for the things bad, sugar, complex carbs, processed foods. All those things are not good for you or your baby and will definitely not help get you back to feeling great. I just think there’s so much of the, “you’re pregnant, or you’re breastfeeding, you can eat whatever you want.” It really is powerful how much food dictates how you feel both mentally and physically. My health and baby’s health is top priority and of course, is it okay to balance and splurge once in a while? Yes, we’re all human!

I’m excited to bring you along on this journey of getting back into pre baby shape. As far as this pregnancy goes, I can’t believe how close we are to the end. Also,’ am I the only mom who gets pregnant and then wonders all through the pregnancy is this my last baby?” Today marks 33 weeks, 7ish weeks to go, I’m officially at the roll over or help me up out of bed stage. My stair climber workouts ended this week as it has just become too complicated. This baby seems to be sitting a LOT lower than the girls as I’ve had to adjust my seat for driving and I don’t really sit anymore, I more else lounge. Picking things up off the floor is done in a deep squat position in hopes that I can get up. Travis has taken good care of me though, this morning, he did a roll and movement session on me and I feel like a million bucks so moving definitely helps. Mallorie loves up on the belly and Makenzie does once in while but mostly just says “you’re big!” and she will also say there’s no baby but we talk about it a lot and I figure once baby is here she’ll be like, “oh, this is what they were talking about.” We’ve had many conversations about how baby is going to drink “mommy’s milk” I can’t wait for them to meet the new baby as it’ll be so exciting to see if they have a brother or a sister! We’ve been watching Christmas movies with the girls at night and it’s been such a blast. Any good suggestions on Christmas movies? We’ve done some baking and Mallorie is always my helper, this weekend we will be making the gluten free kiss cookies, which Mallorie is super excited about! I just added the recipe to the top of my recipe page if you’re interested, click here to see the recipe. I hope you all are enjoying the Holiday Season!

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