Pre Holiday Push

Are you waiting for the New Year to make better choices for yourself and your family? Don’t gain an extra 10-15 pounds before the New Year. Balance your lifestyle and still stay on track and lose some weight through the Holidays.

Pruvit came out with this amazing offer for the 60-hour keto reboot PLUS 30 days of metabolic optimization to follow.

Check out the flyer below and if you have any questions, message me or to place your order, click here


Update on my pregnancy, not much to update besides I’m getting bigger, I have 8ish weeks to go, I’m not feeling nearly as agile as I was about a month ago! I’m really looking forward to finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. I’m embracing this pregnancy but I’m also getting the point of “ok, I just want to meet you!” But of course, we want baby to go to term and I’m going to just enjoy all the fun things that come along with Christmas time and with Mallorie & Makenzie. Hoping to share some recipes through the Holidays as well. 🙂

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