Post Marathon//Summer Goals//Thoughts

Post marathon thoughts. My goals was 4:45 or less, I finished at 4:46:06. So, I think I was close enough to what I wanted. Of course, my ultimate goal is 4:20 or even less. I trained for what my body felt comfortable at beginning at 6 weeks postpartum up to almost 5 months post partum. So, I’m embracing my journey and am so happy I did it again this year! The thing that stuck with me most in the race was each mile is a moment, I will eventually get to the last moment and finish 26.2 and that’s what I most certainly did. My cheerleaders, number one fan, Travis, of course, being himself, telling me to “open your darn stride and tell your legs to shit the up!” helped when the moments got really tough and my three littles and my sister, and my brother in law sending me motivational texts, my sister in law and my brother in law cheering me on every couple miles was what I looked forward to the most! I definitely picked up my pace at the end. All the people who followed along and thought of me that day, thank you!! A lot of people thought I was crazy for running so soon after having Tucker but I trained for it and listened to my body. AND I’ll admit I may be slightly crazy 🤪

My goals this summer is to enjoy my time with the kiddos especially before Mallorie heads to kindergarten in the Fall! 😭

Thoughts on other goals for the summer, I’m still running every week. I’m going to run Marquette’s half marathon. I’m planning to start doing more Olympic lifting with Travis. I’m doing my daily workouts at the Y with Travis’ guidance and training with him when I can. As far as nutrition, I’m not counting macros too closely, I’m enjoying things but not going crazy and I’m still intermittent fasting, which is so convenient when you have three kids to get out of the house in the mornings. I still have a “goal” weight I want to reach but I’m not stressing majorly over that right now. I’m liking how I’m feeling and looking so I’d say I’m doing good for Summer so far.

I had a thought on one of my runs. If you’re looking to change, whether its weight loss, gain muscle or just feel better in general. Start with small changes, and stay consistent versus quitting everything cold turkey. I’ve tried both approaches and quite honestly, my mental and physical outcome with staying consistent, meaning, if I want to have dessert or a glass of wine or a cheeseburger with fries or a beer, I do it but keep it at one serving so that I still feel great mentally and physically!

Have a great Wednesday! Thanks for reading, as always!

2 thoughts on “Post Marathon//Summer Goals//Thoughts”

  1. Hello, Mel! First of all, congratulations on finishing Grandmas again! How exhilarating! And on the heels of delivering little Tucker. I also like your reflections and your sensible approach to your goals. Enjoy the rest of your summer. I can’t believe Mallorie is already headed for kindergarten!


    1. Thank you so much!! Definitely an emotional and positive experience. Life is much better with the sensible approach for sure. I hope all is well!! I like following along with all of yours and Mikes adventures! I cannot believe she is either, time sure flies!!


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