Marathon/New Challenges/Intermittent Fasting

The marathon is approaching. Race day is June 22! A week from today, I am excited, a little nervous but mostly excited! My training has gone really good. I ran 13 miles on Thursday and I totally had complete control over my pace and the last two miles I was able to really pick up my pace.

If anyone wants to follow along you can download the Grandma’s Marathon app and type in my name or my bib number, which is 1500.

So now that I’m finishing up with this goal. I don’t intend to do any full marathons next year but I’ll do a half marathon for sure and continue running on Sundays through the summer but I’m debating if I should add in some trail running too? I’m also thinking about adding in cross fit. Any suggestions? Ideas?!

I fasted 24 hours (6PM Thursday until 6 PM Friday) where I only consumed: water, ketones and happy coffee. My mental clarity was through the roof, I was still able to pump extra milk all while feeding Tucker every three hours. I wasn’t worried about what my next meal was going to be, I was able to focus on my to do list. I broke my fast with my normal first meal; a shake with whey protein, fruits and greens, cashew milk, water, ice and blended! Followed by a turkey sandwich with cheese. Then I had some pork rinds and guacamole and a beer! Because it was Friday and it sounded good! Result: down 2 pounds! I mostly fast 16:8, and 18:6. Fasting has really made me difference in the way I eat my calories. It’s not so stressful aligning all your macros. I enjoy food much more when I have it in only a short window and also when you have three kids, it’s been amazing not to “stress” about what I’m eating! If you’re interested in implementing fasting in, send me a message, I’d love to help!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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