Halloween Temptations//Cleansing//Challenge//Tucker is 9 Months old//

Halloween is always my weakness because I LOVE Reese’s peanut butter cups and three musketeers! I decided to “allow” myself to have one a day through last week to see if it would make me honestly only have one because I’m usually guilty of having 4 or more a day 😳 once the girls go trick or treating! Finding things that make you more successful vs binge eating or making the wrong choices is always my goal.

So it is Sunday as I write some of this and I’ve had one like four times this week.

I didn’t have any yesterday(Sunday) so I decided to kick off this week with a cleanse. Modified because I’m still breastfeeding. Why Halloween week? Because I like to challenge myself. As always if anyone is interested in doing a cleanse, let me know, always have products to ship, pick up or drop off. The website to order products directly from is going to be live by Friday! That’s the fun thing about what I get to do. I not only get to help, guide and motivate people, I also get to design things because that’s what I went to school for too. I thoroughly ENJOY what I get to do!

Yesterday Travis and I worked out together and it’s funny because I thought I was really pushing myself with weights and with him I used weights I haven’t tried when I’m working out by myself. I was thoroughly impressed that I was able to do the weights I did and also I was excited to sleep last night because I was so tired from the workout. 🤪 I generally run on Sundays but we had family in town for the weekend so it was nice to be able to get the workout in with Travis while the kiddos were in tot watch. I slept from 9:30-7! Felt so good and now I’m ready to conquer Monday!

So, my challenge to you is, limit the sweets this week. I said limit not none at all! If you want to join me in that challenge, let’s do it! With the cleanse this week I’m going to let my liver take the potentially harmful chemicals and turn them into water soluble chemicals that can be sweated or excreted from the body. I’ve taken my measurements this morning and a before picture and on Friday morning I will let you all know my results in 4 days. I’m challenging myself to NO HALLOWEEN CANDY in these four days and maybe after even because a lot of times once you rid yourself of those harmful sugars, you don’t want them anymore and to be honest after having some last week, I’m ok with not having any this week, for now. There’s always the challenge when the candy is in front of you.

As always, thanks for following along. Fun fact, Tucker is 9 months old today, here we are 9 months in and here we are 9 months out!

As always, thanks for following along!

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