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This time of year has all the hustle and bustle of getting things done on your lists and making sure you’re all set for the Holidays. Set yourself up for success in all aspects of your life by implementing your goals and focuses for the month and begin following through.

I’ve gotten so many questions about “diets” and that’s exactly what we are not going to talk about. We should follow something that is going to work for us like I said in my last blog post. It’s finding that lifestyle that is going to work for YOU. Better choices, small changes will lead to the progress and results in the long run. But it never ends, you continue and reach more goals because by choosing to make lifestyle changes those then turn into your new normal and before you know it, the old bad habits are non existent.

I have a client who has been completely transparent through this journey that she started 6 weeks ago. She is down 8 pounds in in less than two months. She doesn’t completely stress about her food but she knows what foods make her feel better but doesn’t stress when she makes a hiccup, she owns it and we move on. Balance is beautiful.

So, because I do ketones so many people make the assumption that I’m on the “Keto diet” for one, I am never on a diet and people should know that by now, it’s a lifestyle. And no, I am not keto. I use ketones as a supplement, why? Well, because they are science based and they are pure therapeutic ketones and can be used with any lifestyle. They’re not just some supplement I’m using because it doesn’t work. It does work. What does it do? It gives me clearer focus(much better than coffee) because coffee can give you that jittery feel. Do I still drink coffee? YES! I will never give up coffee but I do drink less. Ketones also aid to burn fat because of their ability to put you in ketosis within 60 minutes or less. The ketones come in caffeinated or caffeine free. If you want to see more into the science, click here and then click on HOW IT WORKS to watch the video.

The nice part about living a balanced lifestyle is, we make choices that will enable us to see the results without giving up everything. Do low carb lifestyles work? Yes. It works for some people. Do keto lifestyles work? Yes. But with keto, it’s a commitment, you should be checking your ketone blood levels. Do vegan lifestyles work? Yes. Does a paleo lifestyles work? Yes. Don’t compare your lifestyle to someone else or knock someone because they like to follow a different lifestyle/meal plan than you. Intermittent fasting has had its fair share of good and bad reviews by many and it works wonders for a busy mom of 3(ME!). My morning consists of chaos, feeding little ones, getting them ready for school/daycare and you know what, I have my coffee, ketones and then around noon I have my first meal and it’s a well balanced thought out meal I can enjoy. But that doesn’t mean that sometimes I have a shake in the morning when I absolutely need it! I eat three big meals and two small snacks a day. The other day I was talking to someone about fasting and I said “but it doesn’t work for everyone!” And she asked me “why doesn’t it work for everyone?” and my response is always because some people are too hungry or used to eating right away that if they try and fast no matter if you have ketones, coffee and water in the morning and you can’t get past that hunger(some do, some can’t), you’re going to end up overeating so it defeats the purpose of fasting. The benefits of fasting are really interesting. It’s not a one size fit approach either and finding the fasting schedule that works for you is key. I always say start with 10-12 which is easier and build up from there. Doing 16(not eating) and 8 (eating) is the most common. But finding an approach intermittent fasting or not that is sustainable for you is key!

Supplements? Are another common asked question. My response, are they proven to help aid? Yes. That’s up to you and your journey though. I will give recommendations and be there to make the right choices and guide you but I always like to get what people are currently doing and just make some tweaks to enhance your routine.

Workout—is there a wrong workout? No. Is there proof that strength training is necessary? Yes. Just like your nutrition, it’s good to keep your workouts streamlined and structured but also make sure you enjoy them(for the most part! 😜) There are so many avenues to take with workouts. Cardio? Yes. HIIT workouts are my extra bonus fun workouts because I enjoy pushing myself. I enjoy running, when my body is functionally moving great, I like to knock out 5-8 miles per week. If you’re planning to run a marathon, you obviously need both functional movement strength training, running and other cardio workouts. There is no one size fits approach for workouts either. Not much of a push yourself person, that’s ok. Love to push yourself, we got you there, too! There are certain muscles people want to see bigger, leaner, stronger and each person is so different. That’s why individual plans work better, with my experience. I have the most fun with workouts. I strength train daily, sprinkle in HIIT workouts through the week with my groups, do some BodyStep, BodyAttack(sports inspired workouts) because I love to do them and sweat. I also like a good burpee challenge! Not everyone likes to do the same things but that’s why we’re here to help guide and plan with you to make the best of your workouts. Every Saturday I do BodyFlow(yoga) and a full body workout and yoga is my least favorite thing to start but realize how crucial it is at the end of my week and then I have a big Sunday workout. I have been doing a workout 6-7 days a week and listen to my body if I need the recovery/ rest day but generally my Tuesdays are a lighter day so that gives me my rest. Again, everyone has a different journey and some people workout 3-4 days a week and that works. I’m a daily endorphin workout junkie! Let me help guide you on your fitness/nutrition routines. Let me help you find what works best for you and we will set you up for the most success. Or if you’re good in the nutrition aspect, join me for a workout!

Remember, our choices daily build up to results. Make sure you’re getting sleep, drinking your water, making better choices with our foods. Let’s get a head start on goals and kick off 2021 on a head start! It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your Holidays, it just means being more sensible and balanced in your approach. Boost your immune system with all the right things, nutrition, exercise, self care, sleep and more. There’s no better time than NOW!

As always, thanks for following along!

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