April//Fitness Goals//Kiddo Update//8-Week Program//

I hope April is going well for all of you! Spring Break time is officially coming to an end for most. We had a nice long weekend getaway at a water park in Wisconsin and it was just what we needed to feel refreshed and ready for April. We’ve been very busy at the gym and that is always a good thing! I can’t believe a year is coming up being open for TM Fitness. Looking back on memories from last year, I am so appreciative that we are open and able to be out and about and living a somewhat normal lifestyle.

Mallorie is doing great at school. Makenzie and Tucker are enjoying their days with their babysitter. I just signed Makenzie up for Junior Kindergarten, so weird to think she will be FIVE in October and we will be dropping them both off at school next year.

Tucker is full of spunk and is growing up so fast! He definitely likes to push our buttons but is such a sweetheart, too!

We are having such a great Spring so far, besides cooler temperatures and a little snow but thankfully it’s warm enough where it’s not really sticking. We had such a mild winter and that was wonderful. I’m hoping we’re going to have a beautiful Summer for lots of outside and beach time!

I really honed in on my fitness goals since the end of March. I’m back to outdoor runs again and doing my daily strength workouts which I’ve been amping up a bit as well! I’ve been feeling really good. I didn’t sign up for any races this year yet because I was so worried they were going to get canceled. I’m hoping to do a half marathon, just not sure which one yet. I’m on track with my training for a July half but we’ll see! Any suggestions on fun races, let me know!

Since we’re planning to be here most weekends again for a while I’ve implemented back in the 9am High Intensity Interval Training workout on Sundays again. All fitness levels welcome, I show both low and high impact options. Workouts can be done virtual or in person. Message me for more info or to get signed up for this Sunday.

Would anyone be interested in an 8-week program focused on mostly on strength training but also cardio days and then a meal plan? I’d like to kick off April 26th and it would go until June 28th. A good push into the Summer months. I have programs written up that I’ve followed and some that my clients have followed. My meal plans are very realistic and balanced and of course can be adjusted for allergies, sensitivities and dislike of foods. Message me if you’re interested. It would also come with daily/weekly accountability.

As always, I appreciate you all following along. If you’re interested in any type of programs or accountability individually as well, just message me. From small goals to big goals, I’d love to guide you!

Have a great Thursday!

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