It’s been a bit and my goal is to start sharing more blog posts again at least bi weekly. But I wanted to say hello and give you a little life update!

At the end of March I found out I was pregnant and was excited but also very nervous and anxious as all I could keep thinking about was my miscarriage to our baby boy at almost 10 weeks in December. I had gotten through all of those emotions and was feeling very at peace. We knew we wanted to try again for baby number 4 but didn’t stress about it so I definitely was happy to see that positive test again.

Weeks went by, I started getting symptoms right around 6.5 weeks and they seemed to come on with a vengeance. I was basically nauseous all day, in the morning but as long as I was moving in a workout, I’d be ok, but as soon as I sat down, I’d feel sick. Then mid day I would get a little break but then in the evening, it would come back full force. I tried ginger, peppermint tea, lemon water(which helped the most) Eating was hit or miss and everything I’d want I’d need have to have it RIGHT then and there otherwise it could sound gross within minutes. I felt like I could always be sleeping and still do some days!

I’m 18 weeks today and the nausea has definitely subsided but I still definitely have food aversions and still need to sit down and relax by 4pm to get my energy back up for the rest of the evening routine! 🤣

I am not complaining because we are so blessed to be experiencing this journey, I just am being honest about how I am feeling. We found out at the end of May, we are having BOYS! I’ve been able to see them so much on ultrasounds and it’s been such a joy watching them grow! Our Twins are Monochorionic, diamniotic (MCDA) twins are the product of a single fertilized egg that split resulting in genetically identical offspring. MCDA twins share a single placenta (blood supply) but have separate amniotic sacs. So they are identical twin boys. Thought I would share the scientific term! 😉

I’ve been consistent with my workouts and that helps daily. I’ve had to implement in more stretching, squats and wall sits as needed. Weekly clean up sessions have helped and I’ve still been able to do running mileage weekly as well! Sundays I’m still teaching. As far as supplements I’m still taking my decaf ketones(click here for info of those) and whey protein and my daily vitamins/supplements which we sell as well!

I enjoy training so much and guiding and helping others reach their goals! As always, if you need guidance in any area, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I hope you have a great Holiday weekend! Remember, nutrition tips for the weekend. Have the foods you love and enjoy, portion control is key and don’t over indulge and drink plenty of water!! Join me on the 4th of July for a great 30 minute workout at 9am, it can be in person or virtual! Message me to sign up!

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