Fall Routines//TM Fitness Expanding//Movement//Goals//

I hope everyone is having a good Summer, it’s hard to believe it’s already getting to the time where we head back to the fall routines.

We are so excited as TM Fitness is expanding! We closed on a new building in Marquette Township and our set opening date is October 11! We will have our Private Personal Training space in one suite that connects to our general gym membership area! We are beyond excited to offer general gym memberships and more services.

We’ve had a good Summer of activities, beach days, little trips away on the weekends. Being pregnant with twins has proven to make me stop more and be more in tune with how much I should push myself and resting has been my best medicine after training during the day but I’ve learned in moments when I’ve not rested and I’ve paid so now closing in on 24 weeks I’ve learned when I need to rest and I’ve been feeling really good with a good balance of rest and movement. Just like any program, find what works for you and that’s exactly our approach at TM Fitness. A customized approach that will give you the results for YOU!

Workouts have still been good, modified of course but still getting in those daily movements. My nutrition has stayed in check with whole balanced meals and I’ve been keeping up with writing down what I’m putting in to keep in check. Of course, I have some goodies and treats from time to time, and that’s okay! I feel like I’m always drinking water which is a good thing! I’m still doing my daily decaffeinated ketones which I love and will never give up! I always like to share why I enjoy using them and the science behind them but like I always say just like any supplement you have to find what works for you it’s not a magic pill or supplement that just melts away fat or makes you gain muscle, where you can eat whatever you want. It BENEFITS you if you use it properly and with a better lifestyle with whole foods, exercise and balance, certain supplements can aid in your overall health. Click here for the ketone supplements I use. There is also FAQ’s you can checkout as well on the ketones, click here for those!

My client and work schedule has balanced itself out very well and I’m enjoying guiding and training people with specific nutrition, fitness goals and supplements that best fit their lifestyles.

As always, thanks for following along and message me to get started or if you have any questions about exercise/nutrition/supplemental plans!

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